Thursday, January 3, 2008

Is it too late to reflect on 2007? Because I was out of town.

Okay, okay, it is a little late, but I got home and started reading everyone else's reflections from last week and I thought I would plagarize give it a try.

2006 was the suckiest year in history for our family, and in January of 2007, we had no steady income. The Lord provided a way for our basic needs to be met while my husband interviewed 16 times for his new job.

In February, my husband was hired at his new job at a mid-sized Mega Church in our area. A mid-sized Mega Church in Texas can be translated as a gigantically huge church anywhere else in the country, but around here it is just considered mid-sized. I don't make the rules.

March apparently was not too memorable. I'm sure we had a spring break and I know Katie turned 3, but I don't actually remember what we did for either event.

In April, my sister and her kids came out for their spring break, and we had a great time taking those country bumpkins out into the city. Unfortunately, it led to me doing this

while my sister was standing nearby with a camera. I promise that's my jacket pooching out in the back, not my butt. Wait, I think that is my butt. And no, I wasn't pregnant. Let's move on, shall we?

In May, Gracie was released from her prison known as Kindergarten and we started the ever-fabulous Summer of Freedom. I never realized how much I valued my freedom until that kid was confined to a school schedule. Too rigid for me, thanks.

In June, we drove out to Georgia to visit my parents, and we observed our time-honored tradition of cramming as many relatives as humanly possible into their house. Katie fell off the dock into the lake without a life vest and I FREAKED OUT for 1.2 seconds until she bobbed. Then I continued to FREAK OUT for several hours afterwards, and incidentally, when we were there last week, even though there are only 6 inches of water in the cove due to the drought, I FREAKED OUT whenever she went near it.

Also in June, I celebrated my 32nd birthday by going camping at the beach with my parents, sisters, and 7 little ones in tow. Katie wore a life jacket the entire time.

Ahhh. A picture taken well before the kids were awake. So peaceful.

Back to June...We stretched the vacation out even further by crashing in on my in-laws in South Carolina, then lingering for another week at my parents' house until everyone was sick of us vacationed out. (Don't you love how I'm all HTMLly now? Thanks Joy!)

In July, I ran a 5K. I achieved my goal of Not Dying While Running a 5K. In case you were wondering: July + Texas + 5K = completely insane.

In August, it was hot. I have blocked that month out. Except Tommy had a birthday, and right after it, I started a blog.

In September, I mourned the passing of summer. On my blog.

October, well, that was the greatest month ever, because my sister and I took our epic journey to Big Bend National Park, which you will find well-documented in my archives here, here, here, here, oh, and here in case you missed it. If you did miss it, you are obviously not one of my family members because I have forcefully shown each of them all 150 photographs that I took there on our visit last week.

In November, I was busy making fairy wings and cooking up a storm for my parents' visit on Thanksgiving.

In December, I did what everyone else did, ran around in a frenzy while complaining about running around in a frenzy. In the end, though, it was a lovely Christmas, and a lovely year as a whole.

We had a much-needed year off from bad news, from loss, from drama, and our financial situation is slowly but surely returning to normal. God has worked in my heart and has blessed my life in countless ways, and I am grateful.

Here's hoping for more of the same for 2008.


  1. I love these yearly summaries because I just started blogging a few months ago and it allows me to have a little glimpse into your whole year.
    Great photos too!

  2. I loved this post and I really loved the photo of you on the swing, because it proves that for as much as you have changed, you are still the same. And swings still make me want to throw-up. Ah well.

    I am glad to hear the year was good for you and things continue to be on the upswing. It always amazes me when I sit down to summarize a year like that how much we actually did do, and that's what I thought when reading yours...

    I look forward to hearing what you have to say in the New Year.


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