Tuesday, November 13, 2007

How to Throw a 7th Birthday Party

First, you must decide that you want a Fairy Tea Party above all other themed parties. Then you must invite all the girls from your Brownie troop, and request that they don their best ballet clothes. Next, the decorations:
To make a FairyLand out of an ordinary dining room, simply drape it in tulle, sprinkle silk flowers and candy on the table and floor, et voila.
After your home has been transformed into a magical land, you then await your guests by the window.

Don't forget to ask your mother when they are going to get here...

...every minute and a half for thirty minutes...

...while your brother waits for his friend's mom to come pick him up because he doesn't like all of this girly stuff.
When your guests arrive, have your mother tell them that they are not dressed for the fairy tea party, so they must go outside and find some suitable fairy wings* hidden in the enchanted wood (backyard).

*these fairy wings must be made by your mother out of pastel knee-high stockings, wire, hot glue, and spray glitter, but only after she checks at the Dollar Store to find that they don't carry fairy wings. After the wings are completed, your mother's friend must call to tell her she found fairy wings at the Dollar Store across town.
But they are worth the effort.
After your mother has taken a few dozen pictures of the fairy wings in action, the fairies must return inside to create their magical fairy wands. The wands must be covered in sticky glitter-glue, and the fairies must proceed to smear it on every surface in the kitchen.

Once everyone is suitably attired in head-to-toe glitter, they may enter the FairyLand Tea Room, where they must be served at least a pound of sugar apiece, in the form of cupcakes, ice cream, pink M&M's, clearance Halloween candy, and red fruit punch.

Make sure you include your baby sister in the partaking of the sugar.

After the sugar has been consumed and the presents have been opened, the fairies must proceed directly to the enchanted wood (backyard) and play soccer until their parents arrive.

There you have it. All the ingredients for a Happy Fairy Birthday Party.
Suggestions for how to clean up massive amounts of glitter are not included in these instructions.


  1. Wow, Chrissy, impressive! (No suggestions for glitter removal...just enjoy a sparkly house for a long while.)

    That last picture looks amazingly like Natalie - does that mean she looks more like you than me?

  2. Chrissy - I'm so impressed!! Those were beautiful wings! And Grace is absolutely BEAUTIFUL...just like her mommy!!

    I just sat down and updated myself on your blog...what a good writer you are!! Thanks for sharing you talent and love for your kids!!

  3. Ok, you amaze me! I am thoroughly impressed with the fairy party! It almost makes me jealous that I will not get to do things like that for my kids! Then I read the part about your very sparkly kitchen, and I think maybe boy parties won't be so bad. Maybe you can just consider it as adding that extra gleam to make it look clean. Besides, who doesn't like glittery everything?

    You definitely did an amazing job though!

  4. Do you remember when we made Gingerbread cookies and got gingerbread on every imaginable surface in your mothers kitchen? I imagine these things as a kind of payback.

    This was an amazing party. I am so impressed with your fairy wings. Would you like to come host my next party? I'll be happy to clean up the glitter.

    @Stacie-You are sadly mistaken if you think boy parties are cleaner. No one makes a bigger mess than a pack of boys.

  5. How cute is that? What a lucky little girl you have! She will remember that party for the rest of her life. Trust me.
    What a wonderful mommy you are.

  6. I love the fairy party! I would have liked that when I was small. :)

    In a few years I'll put on my thinking cap to figure out some fun "boy" parties for the Little Mister...

  7. Joy, I'm not sure I needed to know that!!! LOL

  8. I hope you enjoy having a sparkly house!
    And what a magical party. Good job.

  9. I am in awe and I am sure that this will be a party that sticks with Grace forever. My favorite Halloween was the year that my mother and I were both fairies. She made me a skirt that was tulle and silver stars- of course I had a wand. The year before I got to be the lamb to her shepardess.... I was the youngest of three girls and one of the middle children in 6. It is these little moments that I remember and cherish. I am sure that Grace will do the same....

  10. @Joy, I have no memory of making gingerbread cookies, so I was all ready to deny it, but then I talked to my mom today and she remembers it vividly, so I guess it was quite a mess.

  11. you are the best chrissy--this was magical!

  12. ps--just got caught up on the last few entries. . .

  13. Thank you for your comment on my blog - I got so excited! Thank you!
    My daughter just turned 7, too! We went through the fairy wing ordeal last year. The Dollar Tree,of course, has fairy wings all year long - except in November! Looks like a great party!

  14. Oh my...that sounds like a wonderful party!!

    Great job on those fairy wings!!


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