Friday, August 20, 2010

First Day of School

First Grade, Second Grade, and Fourth Grade.  How can this be?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The End of Summer

I told Gracie a few weeks ago that summer was almost over, and she replied, "But we haven't done anything yet!"  It really made me think.  We have done a lot of things this summer; we had tons of visitors to the house, we've been swimming to the point that no one wants to go swimming any more, but we haven't actually left the house to GO anywhere.

Our normal summers in Dallas consisted of pool outings with friends, sleepovers, trips downtown to see museums and plays and other kid-friendly/free ticket activities offered in a big city like that.  Out here it is quite different.  The kids play with cousins or friends when they are in town, they play with the kids at church, but other than that it is pretty much just us.  We've been missing our Dallas peeps quite a bit this summer.

We also normally go on a big road trip, but no such luck this summer, as we are...shall we say low on cash.  We've been missing our 'vacation' time, even though we now live in the place in which we always used to vacation.

Anyway, this week at the last minute Greg was offered a consulting  gig in middle Tennessee, and 24 hours later, we were on the road.  Our first stop was Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky, one of the places I have been wishing to visit for quite a while.  We toured the cave.  It was Mammoth.  We drove across the ferry, explored the park, did very little hiking due to the 95 degree heat, and we spent the night in a Wigwam.  We did cheesy touristy things and much fun was had.  Then we went to Nashville to visit our friends Thomas and Dita and their two babies.  Then we spent the night at a nice hotel and the kids and I goofed off while Greg worked.  Great fun was had by all, and even though it was only a 3 day trip, I think we crammed in as much fun as possible. 

We did the New Entrance Tour.  It was great.

Our Wigwam was teeny tiny, but it was immaculate.
The place was built in the 30's. Very retro touristy.
We had a cookout and the kids played on the playground all evening.  Then we went to the Dairy Queen next door.

Love those curls!
A couple of tourists on a ski lift.

The kiddos

The kiddos

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