Monday, January 14, 2008

A Letter from My 12 Year Old Self

This is a letter that I found this week while cleaning. I wrote it in 7th Grade as a school assignment. Written on the envelope are the words: Do Not Open Until 2008.

May 10, 1988


Hey! How's life? OK here I guess. You might or might not remember me. I'm your 12-year-old self. Well I'm almost 13. Our birthday is next month. I wrote this to you 20 years ago. So how does it feel being old? I bet you're sitting at home laughing at all this. Right now I'm sitting in Homeroom and Mr. Stone is calling role. You remember Mr. Stone, don't you? The weird guy with the mustache.

This is a Probe assignment. I'm supposed to tell the future. I'm also supposed to tell everything about you since I know you so well. Let's see, you probably live somewhere in Atlanta. You work either at a radio station or as an interior decorator. You're still friends with Debbie and Jody and Anna and Jennifer. (I hope) I can't decide whether you're married or not. Probably not. But if you're married to Richie or Troy I'm going to kill you.

I hope you graduated from high school and maybe college. Otherwise I'm doing all this work for nothing. (Ha Ha) Welp I'd better go. Bye.

Your friend

P.S. Write Back! (Ha Ha)

Obviously, I didn't make it as a radio DJ, which was my big dream in 7th grade. And I think it is fair to say that I do not possess ANY interior decorating skills, although I must have thought so back then. Most likely I was watching too much Designing Women, and imagined myself as Suzanne Sugarbaker or something.

The only accurate predictions on that list were that I graduated high school and college, and that I am still friends with two of the four girls I mentioned. I wonder if the 12 year old me would be impressed with the life I have now: married, living far from Atlanta, driving a minivan full of kids, paying a mortgage and working part-time at a non-glamorous job.

At least I didn't marry Troy or Richie.


  1. Chrissy, that was TOO funny...See, never throwing anything away can be beneficial, er, entertaining sometimes. I'm glad you discovered it this month...would you have saved it or opened it had you found it a couple of months ago?

  2. I'm impressed!!!

    very cool find there

  3. WOW!! I'm so glad that I was part of your future predictions and even more glad that we're still friends!! :-) And of course who could forget Mr. Stone? I wonder where he is?? I had to giggle when you ended the letter using the word, "welp!" Haha!! :-)

  4. Wendy, actually I did find it about two years ago and I went ahead and opened it because I was afraid I might lose it before 2008. Then I found it again in my laundry room (apparently I did lose it if it ended up there), and I had forgotten all about it anyway, so it really was good timing.

  5. I tagged you in a meme from my site. Have fun!

  6. That was excellent! I love that you kept it and actually found it when you were supposed to, in 2008! That was so much fun to read.
    It is clear to see that you always had a great sense of humor.
    What a fun post!

  7. Oh come could decorate a whole house with those smiley faces you used to draw and print out for your wall...very chic! LOL

    Hehe, Designing Women and Radio DJing. I feel all nostalgic now. Too funny! I wonder what happened to all those tapes we made...and what our kids would think of them if they heard them!

  8. I remember you taping me at Grandma's house. I was doing my impression of Grandma - "well I swunder". Oh, what fun memories!

  9. She probably WOULD be impressed. I used to fantasize about owning my own FRIDGE and doing my OWN grocery shopping!

  10. what are the chances of finding that letter now, in 2008, fun!

    I think you should write a letter back to your 12 year old self (I wrote a letter a while back on my blog to my teenaged self. it was fun)

  11. How cool!
    I have a letter like that in a box I want to go find it!
    I love that you wrote back, too!


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