Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wait, I'm Lost...

My predictions for the "LOST" season premiere:

1. Charlie lives. He must live.

2. The person in the coffin is Ben.

3. The coffin will not be mentioned again on the show (in order to reveal that it is Ben) until the end of next year, so you will have to remember until then that I made this prediction.

4. Nobody is getting off that island any time soon.

What do you think?


  1. You really think it's Ben? I don't think Ben would have left the island. Not voluntarily, anyway. Hmm. I think it's Michael. But I could be wrong.

    And oh how I wish Charlie would live. But I don't think so.

    But I do agree that the coffin will not be mentioned for a long time, and that they're stuck on the island for awhile..


  2. yes--it has to be ben in the coffin!

    and i think charlie is a totally goner--which is sad because i LOVE him. but i bet he'll be back for flashbacks.

    and i do think a few get off the island but not all.

    now tonight we'll see what REALLY happens!

    i heart LOST.

  3. Oh yeah! Another Lost junkie. :) I too think Ben is in the coffin. And as far as Charlie, he lives.

    So the bigger question... Jack or Sawyer :)

  4. My Prediction: We will learn NOTHING because it takes 2 years for the show to reveal anything!

  5. i think it's ben, too, but dragonfly makes a point about him not leaving the island. I don't think he was given a choice. I don't think it was michael - kate wouldn't have been indignant at the thought of going to michael's funeral.

    i do think that we're going to see them on the island a lot more... but i wonder if they will start doing more flash forwards. I had to explain to my husband at the end of last season that that stuff was all in the future. he didn't get it. and he's not usually that slow.

  6. hmmm never watched the show, but a lot of my friends are really exited to see it back so yay for all the lost fans!

    hey i left an award for you over on my blog. go over and accept it and pass it on to a few of your bloggy friends!!

  7. I have no idea. I don't watch the show. Should I start now? Is it too late? Probably. Besides, I already have way too many must see shows.

  8. dragonfly, I forgot about Michael. I concede it is possible for him to be in the coffin, but I would much rather it be Ben. Maybe he was forced from the island to go to prison or something.

    And Kathryn, if you started watching now you'd be just as confused as the rest of us, so why not.

  9. I agree with all predictions. However, I think there might be a chance that it's Locke in the coffin. And I'm not so sure about Charlie - my brain tells me he's gone, but my heart wants him to live!

  10. Oh I have no idea about any of this. I have watched every episode of "Lost" and still can't remember for the life of me what's going on. Besides Charlie dying...who could forget that?

    I have last nights re-run of the finale from last season DVR'd though plus whatever they are showing tonight (is there a recap show?) and maybe that will refresh my memory.


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