Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Accomplishments in Housewifery, or, the Answer to the Question, "What do you do all day?"

Here is just a sample of the things that I have accomplished as a homemaker in the last 36 hours:

1. Resolve to clean out laundry room. Tackle giant mountain of laundry before bed in order to get a good start in the morning.

2. Hear water flowing onto the laundry room floor. Learn the hard way why it is not good to let miscellaneous junk accumulate on the laundry room floor.

3. Throw out all the wet junk, and pile the rest of the contents of the laundry room in the dining room along with all of the Christmas junk that has still not been put away.

4. Clean out murky water with old towels, then realize that I now have no way of washing these nasty wet towels.

5. Get up the next morning and remain in complete denial about the issue of the washing machine, spend the day cleaning up Christmas stuff, rearranging furniture and accessories, and cooking a pot roast and mashed potatoes from scratch for no reason whatsoever.

6. Take the pot roast out of the oven and spill the hot roast juice all down my legs and into my shoes, burning my pinky toe.

7. Frighten children with my screaming, even though I am not seriously burned. Clean up pot roast juice with more old towels that I still have no ability to wash.

8. Feed pot roast to family, who hates pot roast and will not eat it.

9. Discover that pot roast juice and murky washing machine drainage make for a very slippery kitchen/laundry room floor.

10. Take pot roast and potatoes over to my friend Julie's house and borrow her drain snake. Bask in her praise of my pot roast.

11. Spend time googling plumbing problems and try various yokels' advice on how to clean out my washing machine drain.

12. Talk to another friend on the phone, who suggests I may have water damage in my wall. Quote Scarlett O'Hara by saying, "Ah can't think about thayut today. Ah'll worry 'bout that tomrorruh". Friend is puzzled by the reference. It may not be an exact quote.

***edited to add:

13. Walk outside the house and discover water backed up into the yard.

14. Call plumber.

15. Lose mind.

Pretty busy couple of days, don't you think?


  1. I go with call the plumber and then run away from home. Your husband is going to have to learn to do laundry while you are away.

    I love pot roast.

  2. oh, what a bad way to spend a couple of days:(

  3. ack.

    and I would eat your pot roast. yum.

  4. Oh, girl! Just another day in paradise! I am feeling so bad for you! I would have been a total nut and not even able to deal with making dinner! As a matter of fact, that may have done me in for the entire week.

    Your pot roast does sound good, though. I love the way a pot roast makes the house smell! Better than nasty towels for sure.

    I hope today is a better day. I will say a little prayer for you!


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