Thursday, October 25, 2007

For the Last Time

This really is the last day I post on this trip, I swear. To make up for the creepy spider from yesterday:

We continued our outing on Saturday by going just outside the park to Terlingua, TX for lunch at a Mexican restaurant (what else) and to buy junky souvenirs. There were a lot of weather-worn buildings and people, as well as an old cemetery, and here are some of my favorite photos:

We also did a little prison ministry. Actually, these are my goofy friends, Julie and Laura.

We returned Saturday afternoon for some more good cooking at the campsite, one more beautiful sunset coloring the mountains orange, more laughing and carrying on until the ranger shushed us, some more stargazing before going to bed, and one last visit from the skunk in the middle of the night before it was time to go home. The kids asked me why I never got a picture of the skunk. He came around almost every night, sniffing at our tent, and the ranger told us that if you keep food in your tent, the skunk knows how to unzip it with his nose. Well, thankfully we didn't have an 'encounter', but I wasn't about to chase it with a camera, either.
(the campsite at sunset, with Casa Grande Peak looming over)
My sister and I squeezed in one last hike on Sunday morning, a 5.2 mile round trip to the Window, which ends at the top of a waterfall.
(yes, that's me on another cliff, and Wendy didn't like it one bit)

That last hike was a worshipful one, fitting for a Sunday morning. We were just continually amazed at the beauty of God's creation, and I can't express how moving it was. At one point in particular, we came into a section of the trail that was just filled with orange and black butterflies. They were fluttering all around our heads, landing on plants, sitting on rocks, and it was just amazing.

At the very end of our hike, we were surprised by a doe and her two fawns, and it was just the perfect ending to a perfect vacation.

Well, if you've hung in there until this end of this, you must be either related to me or very resilient. Thanks for reading all of it, and I'll be writing about tantrums again very soon, most likely.


  1. I'm not related and I am certainly not resiliant. I am in awe. Did you feel refreshed when you came back? Has it already faded? It usually only takes me a day.

    Thanks for sharing your journey. It was breathtaking, even from this view.

  2. I am not related either. I love your pictures. However, I agree with Wendy... staying away from cliffs is always best!

  3. First time visitor here!

    Lovely pictures! Looks like the kind of vacation I would love to take!

  4. Joy,
    You know it's funny, I just collapsed with exhaustion on the first day back, but I'm finally back in the swing of things again. I do feel refreshed, though, and it's fun to share pictures with anyone who will sit still long enough.

    The house, of course, is a wreck, so that's not so refreshing...

  5. the first of your favorite photos?

    beautiful, really beautiful.

  6. i can't express to you how moved i am by all your lovely pictures--even the spider.

    what a great vacation-- i wish i could do a trip like that.


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