Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Random Ramblings

My life is much too boring to really blog about right now, so I'll just give you a brief summary:

1. My husband is swamped at work; must work late every night. Blah. I've been keeping busy by watching all of the Harry Potter movies, and now have moved on to the Lord of the Rings trilogy. So that'll take me another two weeks or so.

2. Greg and I have also been watching an episode of The Office on DVD every night after he gets home, and we just watched the one where Michael cooks his foot on the George Foreman grill. It was so funny we watched it twice. I miss The Office.

3. I cooked dinner tonight on my own George Foreman grill. It tasted awful. To top that off, the kids fell all to pieces for unexplained reasons, and we had ourselves a scene straight out of SuperNanny. The beginning of SuperNanny, I mean, not the end where everyone miraculously reforms.

3. I've been organizing my house (BORING), and I've accumulated eight garbage bags of stuff to give to Goodwill, or whatever charity offers to come pick it up first. On a slightly more interesting note, my laundry room is Beau-ti-ful and so containerized, but I have no pictures of it, so you'll just have to take my word for it.

4. I've been making the rounds with my daughter selling Girl Scout cookies, and she has almost reached the level where she gets the free Samoa Lip Balm. I really want some of that lip balm.

5. I do love Samoas.

6. Every day, two or three people find my site by googling 'how to throw a 7th birthday party'. Apparently I am the leading authority on the subject. Who knew. Also, if you google 'belching bloated noodle chunks', I am the number one result. No one has actually googled this, but just in case the need arises, I am here. I feel bad for anyone who is belching bloated noodle chunks, but I am afraid I won't be much help.

7. LOST is coming on again very very soon! I'm not sure if I remember all the drama that happened last year, so I need to get caught up before the big event. Although I have been mourning Charlie's untimely death all week as I have watched him dressed up as a hobbit in Lord of the Rings. (But is he really dead? Okay, he probably is. Poor Charlie.)


  1. This was fun! The number one Google search that leads people to my site is "project on Uranus". I am sure it is very helpful for them to click the link and then read my moaning post about how school projects are stupid. Especially the one on Uranus.

    I am sorry your husband is working all the time. Nothing makes me in a worse mood than hours and hours of quality time with my children. With no reprieve. :)

    And I just to Shane the other day that I was hoping they did one of those recap episodes before Lost comes back. Because otherwise I'll be lost right along with them. Groan.

  2. I love The Office! And Lord of the Rings trilogy. I'm coming over to watch it with you. I'll bring cookies! :)
    How do you find out what people are Googling to get to your site? I still haven't figured that out.

  3. Hadto look up the 7th birthday party, unfortunately my son isn't going for it, hmmm can't imagine why!! Fun!

  4. Oh, man. I get really boring Google searches, like "turning 40 poems" or "slouching bad for you."


  5. I know how you feel about Charlie. I can't tell you how many times I screamed and pleaded, "Please don't kill Charlie!" during the last three seasons. I've been watching the third season on DVD to refresh my memory.

  6. My most popular search is for 'organized laundry rooms' which just tells me that sadly, EVERYTHING in my life relates back to the dang laundry. :(

  7. Okay, so you kind of just did this, but I tagged you for another meme! I know how many meme's can one girl do in a month, but I think they are a fun way to get to know my new bloggy friends.

    Funny, my blog is getting hits because of my birthday party post, too. Craziness, I tell you.

    Do you read BooMama? She has a HYSTERICAL post on the ways people find her blog.

  8. Did you read the books first? Read the books first!

    My husband works all of the time too. Hence I blog...

    ;-) Beth

  9. @Beth,

    Good advice! Of course I have read each and every Harry Potter book at least twice, and I just read Lord of the Rings in the fall. I have a strict policy about reading books before seeing the movie, and I've seen each movie for the first time in the last two weeks or so. They don't even come close to being as good as the books.


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