Sunday, October 24, 2010

HI there, still alive, must be going now.

Here is a birthday photo of my now-8-year-old little boy.  Yes, his birthday was two months ago.  What of it? Also, this is the only photo that I took that was decent.  I don't know if something is wrong with my camera or with me, but I just can't seem to make the photos I used to make.  I think it's me. 

The birthday was pretty low-key; we had a school field trip to Chuck-E-Cheese that just *happened* to coincide with it, and then on his actual birthday we went out to eat with my parents and then came home and ate cake and opened presents. 

Yes I know it's weird to have a school field trip when we homeschool.  We actually use an online virtual school, which gives us the daily lesson plans/assignments for me to teach and to grade, and offers the benefit of 'virtual' classmates that sometimes wish to venture, squinting, out in the sunlight and meet IRL.  It is very bizarre.

Want to know what else is bizarre?  I have already been kicked out of a traditional homeschool group* because of my liberal government-run school affiliations.  Me! A liberal!

Oh, blog reader, the stories I could tell you if only I made the time to write here.  But alas, that day is not today; I am up late at night prepping for a c-razy week: I have a job interview, a meeting with one of my new Girl Scout troops that I am leading with TWENTY-TWO first graders in it, (yes I said 'one of'.  As in I'm leading two), a big kidney doctor appointment, and of course, the usual 3-kids-in-homeschool and laundry and home-running that usually kicks my butt even without all of the extra stuff.  And Halloween.  My kids are dressing up as scary things this year for the first time.  Their mommy is a really big-time liberal, in case you haven't heard.  Or it could just be because she found costumes at the thrift store for $1.99.  Either way, I am sure we will be prayed for after we go to the church carnival**, which is actually a good thing.  We could use it.

Be back soon!

*full disclosure: I was offered a very restricted conditional membership in the group and I declined.  It sounds better to say I was kicked out, though.

**no one at my church actually cares about scary costumes.  I exaggerate.  It's what I do.

The kiddos

The kiddos

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