Friday, January 25, 2008

Rainy Rainy Friday

Cold, rainy, yucky, moody. That's all that's going on around our house today. Other than washing laundry and dishes, which goes on just about every day. So, not a whole lot of blog-worthy stuff.

Meanwhile, I've been meaning to post on a great idea for Christmas presents. I know, wrong time of year, but I have pictures that must be shown to grandparents, so deal with it. My children are very blessed to have two sets of grandparents who shower them with love, affection, and presents. I'm very blessed that both of their grandmothers consult me on which presents they should give them for Christmas. Oh, that is a wonderful thing.

This year I thought of the perfect gift for the kids from my mother-in-law, who hates to shop. She and my father-in-law got them a season pass to the Dallas World Aquarium. So perfect! It's easy to shop for, doesn't break, doesn't require batteries, and never needs to be cleaned up. And never underestimate the value of pre-paid, climate-controlled family fun. Everybody wins.

Furthermore, my new goal for 2008 is to learn to photograph the Aquarium properly, (the glass! you must not flash it!) as evidenced in these trippy, wiggly photos:
I call this one: Trippy Fish of Unknown Origin
Another favorite: Blurry Shark
Blurry Children who are freaked out by the tunnel under the shark tank
And finally: The only thing at the Aquarium that has good lighting and sits still for a picture.

Another fine lesson in the Art of Photography, free of charge.


  1. Hehe! Good luck with your photography "lessons." You'll have the hang of it in no time, I'm sure!

    And I totally agree with the worthiness of a season pass for a gift. My birthday gift to myself every year is a season pass to the NC Zoo, which gets me into the NC Aquariums and a bunch of other zoos as well. I love it. Even if I do have a nice long drive to get to wherever I want to see.

  2. This is a great gift idea. I have been trying to get family to go in this direction for a while!! Go forth with those photos!!!!

  3. What a great gift idea! Sounds perfect!
    Love the underwater shots. Those never work out for me.

  4. If we ever live near a zoo or aquarium, we for sure will have a membership. (If it's a gift or I have to buy it, doesn't matter!) I actually really like the blurry shark photo...but still, good luck learning how to take aquarium pictures. :)


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