Saturday, January 5, 2008

Today I finally started dismantling all of the Christmas decorations, sadly. I do love the soft lighting and the festive mood it lends to my otherwise unremarkably decorated home. However, my annual New Year's organizational/cleaning jag has taken effect, and so everything had to go.

Thankfully, all of my helpers were busy playing a board game with their Daddy, whose competitive nature is irrepressible. I was cracking up listening to him in the other room talking junk to those kids. (Is it junk or smack? I know Kelly on the Office had a whole monologue about that, but either way, it wasn't nearly as mean as Kelly.) He would get within one point of winning, and then let them all catch up, then he would intentionally score the winning point and crow about it, while calling the kids 'Grasshopper' and telling them they have much to learn from him. They loved it, of course, but were continually perplexed by the nickname.

The whole scene made me smile; the nostalgia of the Christmas ornaments, the playful laughter emanating from the kitchen, the open windows blowing fresh air through the house.

This week I'm launching Project Organization around my house. (You have to emphasize the last syllable like it's French, because that makes it sound more fun. Kind of like saying Target, Tarjhay.)

Anyway, the first mission is the laundry room. Wish me luck, and if you don't hear from me in the next few days, call the authorities, as I may be trapped underneath the mess.


  1. organizaTION sounds like adam sandler as Cajun man to me. ;)

    i need to do that as well. badly.
    and my living room seems so stark and bare and harsh without the tree.

  2. That's what we're doing here today, minus the classy accent. I have to - HAVE TO - wash the floors here. Must.

  3. I'm dreading it. I still haven't taken down my decorations. The tree was down over a week ago, but I can't bring myself to take the rest of the decs down. Most of them are snowmen anyway, so they can stay up for a while, right? Right? sigh


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