Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far....

My son woke up this morning and informed me that the Cowboys would be playing tonight at 7, and wondered if he could stay up late and watch the game. A football game. He wants me to put on a football game while his Daddy is at work. He wants me to give up my sweet kids-to-bed-early-while-Mommy-mindlessly-watches-TV-Thursday-night-routine so he can watch a football game. He actually wants football to be on our television while his Daddy is not even home.

Well, obviously that's not going to happen. Still, I think it's sweet that he's growing up to be more and more like his Daddy every day.

my 2 favorite Cowboy fans


  1. Awe. That is sweet. Maybe having the game on is his way of having his daddy with him. ?
    I am SOOOO watching that game tonight. I am freaking out!!!! Huge Packer fan, here! AHHH!
    Sorry. Very excited. Every single person in my fam is being forced to wear Packer clothes today. :)

  2. Oh this game is on at my house right now!! DVR is our friend. But I am of course on the puter while Shane watches it. He keeps coming in to give me updates and I nod and mmm-hmmm while having no-idea-what-he-said.

    I know Shane is glad he has boys who he will be able to share this with someday, instead of me. I am glad too! And I think it is so sweet that yours already does.

  3. Two of my boys now watch sports with Dad. The sight of the three of them sitting in a line on the couch, eyes glued to a sport on tv...Still blows me away.

  4. Oh Chrissy! I think we know what he needs for Christmas now! He and his dad need matching Cowboy jerseys! That is so awesome that he's becoming a little sports fan! My little Autumn is crazy about the Diamondbacks (it's a baseball team, dear!) She loves that we work and go to school so close to the park and she is very aware of the routine (get in, get snacks, walk around and say hi to all our friends there, get her points on her Jr Fan card, stop and visit the mascot in his "house", watch till the 7th ining, go to the team shop then the play area. Then after the game if we are lucky we get to run the bases! I love that she's into sports.

  5. The funny thing: When the Little Mister is older, it will be the opposite. He will be begging Daddy to put the Bills game on when Mommy is gone! The Sergeant only likes hockey. I like every sport! (Except, perhaps, cricket. And it's not that I don't like it, it's that I don't get it!)


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