Saturday, November 10, 2007

She Sells She-Crabs by the Seashore

To answer the She-Crab Soup queries of my Canadian and Louisianian readers:

She-Crab Soup is a delicacy served in Charleston, South Carolina, made from female blue crabs and their eggs. The best place to get this soup is Hyman's Seafood Restaurant, and I just learned they have a pre-made mix you can order and just add frozen crab, so now I am wondering if they might send me some free soup mix for advertising their product to literally (2 or 3) dozens of people. (Hyman's Seafood: It's the Best Restaurant Ever.)

You can find the recipe here. Bear in mind of course that I have never tried to make this soup, so I can't vouch for this recipe. However, I have now been thinking about the soup all day, so I might give it a shot, if I can get my hands on some good frozen crab. (Frozen Crab: It's the Best Frozen Seafood Ever)

Now you know why I didn't go into advertising.


  1. thanks for the info.

    crabs and their EGGS. Hmm.....

  2. ok... so I just have to say YUCK! Of course I have a distaste for anything that lives in the water, so I am biased.


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