Monday, November 12, 2007

Dear Grace,

You're seven years old today! It's hard to believe that time has gone by so fast. It seems like just a few minutes ago, I was holding you in that hospital bed, with tears of relief and joy streaming down my face, looking upon you for the first time. It was in that moment that I fell instantly, irrevocably, irrationally in love with you.

We took you home and proceeded to photograph your every move, every outfit, every expression. I spent the first few months with my nose in a parenting book, trying to decipher every cry or need that you had. Thankfully, you not only survived my ministrations, you thrived, and you taught me quite a lot about trusting my own instincts.

It seems like you have grown in the blink of an eye. You are such a big girl now. You are smart. You love to read. You are an excellent artist. You have a beautiful face, a gorgeous smile, and most importantly, a kind and loving heart. You have a strong love for God and a compassionate spirit for others.

You are such a good big sister. I love how you care for Tommy and Katie, how you play with them, how you comfort them when they are sad, and help them when they need it. My favorite times are when the three of you dance in your jammies right before bed, your laughter filling the whole house.

Grace, you are a wonderful daughter. Every day, I give thanks to God that he sent you to be my child. You have brought such joy and laughter into my life. Today is a happy day as we celebrate the day you arrived into our lives, but at the same time, I feel sad that the years have flown by as quickly as they have. You are growing up, and while I am proud of the big girl you are becoming, I will always think of you as that sweet little red-faced nine pound four ounce pink bundle in my arms.

As strong and unbelievable as my love was for you in that first moment that you were born, I can honestly say that it has grown steadily stronger since. You are a precious treasure to me. You are truly a delight to my soul.



  1. Ohh! Sniff. So sweet. She's such a beautiful girl. She looks just like you.

  2. Oh, that was breathtaking - those PHOTOS! They get big too fast, don't they?

  3. That was gorgeous! I actually have tears in my eyes. Those pictures are so precious!
    I always said that if I ever had a daughter I would name her Grace.
    Your Grace is lovely.

  4. Happy Birthday, Grace!!!

    Love to you all,
    Aunt Stacie (and Myatt and Uncle Mark)

  5. She is beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing. I love that last picture...

  6. What a beautiful little girl!!

    That baby picture is WAY too cute!

  7. Happy Birthday Grace! Hope you had a wonderful party! Love you, Aunt Wendy.

    Great pictures, Chrissy! (I still think of her as the little girl who ran after her oldest cousin calling "Wo, Wo!")

  8. oh! my heart strings--consider them tugged.


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