Friday, November 9, 2007

7 Random Things About Me Meme

Me me me me meme.

Ahh, a good topic for writers' block. Or is it bloggers' block. Either way.

1. My favorite soup is She-Crab Soup. I love it. I can't get it where I live. I pine for it. It is an unrequited love. I had a scrumptious quart of it last summer while I was on vacation in South Carolina, and I can still recall the taste. Mmmmm.

2. I rode on a tour bus for the 1996 'Colin Powell for President' campaign. Colin Powell wasn't actually on the bus. People kept coming up and asking for him, and when we said he wasn't there, but we were getting out a petition to get him on the ballot, people walked away disappointed. I was a college student who knew nothing about politics, but my boss was running the campaign and wanted me to ride along for 3 days, and it seemed like a good reason to skip class. Come to think of it, any reason was a good reason to skip class. Plus there was free food, so there you have it. My short career in politics.

3. I hardly ever leave the house with everything I need for my destination. I almost always have to turn around in the neighbors' driveway and come back to get something. The other day I did this 3 times.

4. I am frequently late. See #3.

5. I take a bag of Twizzlers on every long road trip. Also, we always eat at Cracker Barrel on the way home.

6. I get the same thing at Cracker Barrel every time I eat there. Grilled chicken tenderloin on grilled sourdough bread, squash or sweet potato casserole and sweet tea. Chocolate cobbler for dessert if there's room.

7. Trying to think of a non-food-related thing....I know all the words to Beethoven's 9th Symphony in German. I sang it in college choir, and for some reason it has chosen to stay in my brain. I can't remember where my keys are, but this I can recall.

Anyway, since this I am the last person on the internet to complete this meme, there is no one else to tag. I propose that we start a new one called "The 7 Most Boring Things About Me", which is what this post was frequently veering toward to begin with.

Here's a sample for you of the boring things I thought of while writing this post: 1. I still have my natural hair color. 2. I love 'The War' documentary on PBS. (hey, stop yawning!)


  1. We constantly have to turn around but thankfully usually it is my Husbands fault. And I still remember songs from high school. They pop in my head when people say random words from them. For example... someone said, "rebound" the other day and I immediately thought, " you make the make the listning shores rebound"
    Ok.. I will stop now I sound like a freak...LOL

  2. "She-Crab Soup"? Do she-crabs taste different than he-crabs?

  3. the colin powell thing was very interesting. I would have signed that petition! and what is she-crab soup?

  4. Hi Chrissy...I answered your questions about my purse contents in my comment section.

    Hey...those were pretty interesting!

    You know...I've only eaten at Cracker Barrel once.

    Mmmm...I love Twizzlers. I think I may have to go have some now. We buy them at Costco. I love how they are all individually wrapped. Except that the big pile of wrappers is evidence of just how many I ate!!

  5. I never leave home with everything I need, and I never come back with everything I came with.

    My mother said today that I leave a trail for people to find their way back to me.


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