Tuesday, August 12, 2008

An Open Letter to Dr. Mike Murdock, the Televangelist on at 2 a.m.

Dear Dr. Murdock:
In a fit of insomnia, I tuned to your television program last night, hoping that your droning voice would lull me to sleep. I was wrong. Some of the things that you said really caught my attention, and I was unable to sleep for quite some time.

You spoke of a time in your life in which you faced poverty, and described the scene as being a house in L.A. for which you could not afford curtains or a kitchen table. Then you described how you received a $5,000 check, and heard clearly from the Lord that if you gave that to the church, you would receive much, much more in return. And you did! You were blessed ten times over with money from places you could not have imagined. You went on to say that you "broke the back of poverty" by obeying God's decrees.

That was certainly interesting enough, but then you went on into a hard sell about how if I, the television viewer at home, would just give a $1000 donation to your ministry (and you didn't mention once what that ministry does exactly), that you promised within 90 days that I would see miracles beyond my imagination. Really, Dr. Murdock? If I just give you money, God is obligated to bless me? Do you really have that kind of a deal worked out with the Almighty? What connections you have. And not only did you promise me miracles beyond belief, a paid off house, blessings galore from just giving my $1000 donation, you also promised to include a paperback copy of your latest book, which, coincidentally, is all about the keys to financial success.

(Maybe it's just me, but it seems like the first key to financial success would be to avoid giving $1000 to scam artists in exchange for empty promises and a lousy paperback book.)

First of all, I'd like to address your definition of poverty: having a house in L.A. with no curtains or kitchen table. Let's think about that for a minute. Were you facing persecution? War? Malaria? Cholera? Famine? Starvation? Oh, no, you were sitting on the floor in really bright sunlight. How awful that must have been. Sorry, but that doesn't count as "breaking the back of poverty".

What burns me up, Dr. Murdock, and what's keeping me up late tonight, is not just the fact that you are conning vulnerable people out of their hard-earned money using the name of my God, although that alone is enough to make me lose sleep; it is the arrogance that you have in presuming that God owes us anything.

I do not have substantial monetary wealth. But I'll tell you what I do have: liberty and freedom, a stable government, a roof over my head, food on my table, clean water to drink, the laughter of my three healthy, immunized children who do not have to worry about anything, every breath that fills my lungs, it's all from Him. And those are just the physical blessings I have, that doesn't even count God's love, His mercy, His faithfulness to me, His forgiveness, and His gift of eternal life, blessings which are immeasurable and more valuable than any earthly possession.

I have more than a lot of people in this world, and I did absolutely nothing to deserve it. It was just given to me by God. How dare you suggest that God is obligated to shower me with money? If I gave away every penny I ever earned and served God with every moment for the rest of my life, I wouldn't even come close to paying back what He has already given me. He has given me things that I do not deserve. That's called grace, and that's how God operates. It's not about having faith that he will shower me with blessing. It's about being recognizing the blessings He has already given me, and serving Him out of gratitude from my heart.

It is most certainly not about trying to contain God in an agreement that if I just give money, he will be bound "by scripture" to pour out monetary blessing on me in 90 days. That scripture that you claimed was absent from my Bible, I'm sorry to say. I couldn't find a 90 day guarantee anywhere.

You really exhibited a special kind of audacity when it came time to close the program. My favorite part was when you said that "even if you don't have a thousand dollars, call the number to give it, and watch how God provides it!" (Or watch how God allows you to be prosecuted for check fraud, is more like it.) Or maybe it was when you spoke to those people with credit card debt. Your advice was to just call and use the credit card to give $1000, and then watch how God will pay off your credit cards in no time at all. (WHAT?!)

What is really sad, Dr. Murdock, is that there are probably a lot of vulnerable, hurting people out there who believed what you said. They probably called and gave, even though they couldn't afford to, trusting that what you said was true. And we both know it wasn't.

Because I actually like to use the reference to scripture when I quote the Bible, I will leave you with Matthew 6:24:

"No one can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and Money."

I am afraid, sir, that you have chosen the wrong one to serve.


(okay, rant over. Going to bed now.)


  1. Wow. Listen to you all ranty. It's a whole new side of you.

    This was a a good one. And I agree 100 percent. And those preachers should be illegal. Praying on desperate people to pad their wallets, the same as any other scam artist, except using the name of our God. And even worse, I think, being a huge stumbling block to them believing the genuine promises God has given us.

    Hope you got some sleep.

  2. Most of the tv evangelist are BAD! It is either prosperity by giving them money or healing by having enough faith. Did Jesus only heal when the people had faith? Did Jesus promise that you would see your money returned to you? No. But people believe these guys on tv. It makes me sad...

    1. yes ssu, jesus did promise that whoever gave up family, homes, money,would recive 100 fold in this life

    2. Judge not least ye also be judged,you people have no faith,vipers how can you escape damnation?you outwardly are white clothed appearing righteous,but inward you are full of dead man's bones,the lord will Judge you all on the last day,when he puts his feet on the mount of olives,all nations shall come and worship,every knee shall bow,every tongue shall confess,that JESUS IS LORD,and he has his messengers,and he shall separate the Goats from the sheep,don't be a GOAT,SEEK the lord while he may be FOUND.......HIS RESURECTED GLORY CAN BE PHISICALLY SEEN IN THE SHROUD OF TURIN.

  3. fabulously written.

    what a scumbag (not you, of course)

    and you're so right. people believe him because they are desperate and hurting. and what those people need is love and grace. and wouldn't grace come in a lovely package from someone like Mr. Murdock, who clearly HAS lots of money, helping them OUT of their financial hole with a check to THEM

  4. Wow. This post.
    At first I was so flipping mad reading it I could barely contain myself.
    Then as I read on my eyes started to fill with tears reading how your just "get" it. It really is beautiful. Honestly. You truly get it.
    Great post. I REALLY could not have said it better. You should send this letter!!!!

  5. Kathryn, I sent it first thing this morning.

  6. AMEN! I came over through Kathryn and completely understand why she was so wound up!

  7. Amazing. You nailed in on the head girl. The audacity of these people just bowls me over. Glad you sent the letter...

  8. Awesome! I am so glad you sent that. Thank you for speaking up! I am so irritated at people who proclaim their faith to millions of people and are not the real thing! It keeps so many lost people away and continues their ideas of not believing in the truth, God's word and eternal life. Thank you!

  9. That was amazing....I just wish that Dr. Mike Murdock could really get a copy of that letter. You get it - what a blessing for you and your family!

    Kathryn sent me over, and I'm sure glad she did. Just riveting!

  10. Heh. All of the Prosperity Gospel stuff FREAKS ME OUT. It's JOHN CALVIN GONE WILD!

  11. My husband won't let me watch TV evangelists anymore, because I always wind up grumbling things my kids should never hear. OMG (for Goodness) do they drive me nuts! To all the True Believers who send money (or debt) to these scammers, I am sorry - God has his hands too full teaching me patience to notice he's meant to be filling up your bank accounts.

  12. Hello, I think it's rather funny that I came across your post (which I must say is brilliantly written) as I was going to post something about this "Dr." bloke on my blog as well. I have seen him while skipping channels on a rainy Sunday afternoon and decided to watch him con the vulnerable. So, before writing anything, I Googled him and found your entry among others. I wonder what's the role of television stations including their affiliates in these scams? Are they liable by association to a fraudulent claim/scheme? I wonder what's FCC's position on this? Hmmnn...there's something to write about. Anyway, thank you for the post; it's fun to read as well. Should you care to, my own blog is insulted-intelligence.blogspot.com.

  13. Much like Pseudonomer stated, I too happened to catch a portion of the good "doctor's" program and was appalled. He actually stated that "God is not in control, for if he were, why seek wisdom, why prosecute criminals...?" He went on to say that he has heard too many times ministers praying for a blessing for those who were able to tithe and those who weren't. He questioned why tithe at all if you are going to be blessed regardless? What?!?! Isn't that the essence of God...His mercy? I was already in a state of shock when he said, "Don't you love people more when you have it (money)?" Here was a supposed man of God saying that our ability to love was contingent and conditional on the amount of money in our pockets. At that point I turned it off. I'm glad that the Holy Spirit gives us the gift of discernment, but I am afraid that too many people desperate to believe and not really understanding God's true nature have helped keep this man and his lies on T.V. and more importantly, kept his pockets filled. My heart really was grieved by this man who mixes scripture with lies to further his agenda and I researched him as well and happened upon your blog. Thank you for your words of wisdom. I pray that God has His way and that He reveals those who preach false doctrines. The Word says, "If anyone teaches false doctrines and does not agree to the sound instruction of our Lord Jesus Christ and to godly teaching, he is conceited and understands nothing. He has an unhealthy interest in controversies and quarrels about words that result in envy, strife, malicious talk, evil suspicions and constant friction between men of corrupt mind, who have been robbed of the truth and who think that godliness is a means to financial gain."
    I Timothy 6:3-5

    Blessings and Love!

  14. I've always been leery of televangelists. Mark used to film a couple of churches that were aired at odd hours. He didn't seem to mind overly much until one of the pastors he filmed ended a service asking the congregation for money, because God wanted him to have a Rolls Royce. Want to guess what he was driving the next weekend? Ugh. I think that may have been one of the last services Mark and the company he worked with filmed for this guy. They didn't want to take part in putting those lies out there. I'm pretty proud of them for walking away!

  15. That was spoken very well.

    I love the summer pictures of the kids playing in the water.

    On myspace you have the option to change your settings so no one knows if you are online or not. Maybe facebook has the same option?

  16. and you're so right. people believe him because they are desperate and hurting. and what those people need is love and grace. and wouldn't grace come in a lovely package from someone like Mr. Murdock, who clearly HAS lots of money, helping them OUT of their financial hole with a check to THEM

    That is true, people are desperate and hurting, which is why people seek out and participate in giving to such characters as Murdock, Hinn, Couch and the rest of the Televan Despots. Unfortunately, we can't totally blame these snake oil salesmen; yes they will be held accountable for their perversion of the word, but it is the droves that support the channels of disinformation that must be held to some form of culpability. It is the masses that lack discernment (Malachi 3:18)it is sad, and my heart goes out to these people for they truly are deceived, but it is the attitude of changing the remote control batteries more times than opening a bible in a year that must be addressed. This is the true problem, people have itchy ears (2 Timothy 4:3) and prefer the watered down gospel over the truth. What can we do? We must learn to be effective in our witnessing, live by example of a loving God to a WATCHING wold.

  17. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yCWivvBt9vY&feature=related

    this stuff is all over the internet why don't the people do their research?

  18. I found Dr Mike Murdock on tv tonight. Men called by God should be preaching God's word so that others could be saved. All he spoke about was M O N E Y. So sad. I'm glad to see others agree.

  19. I have been doing allot of research with these false teachers. Perversion of the scripture allows for them to face the mirror, they teach prosperity gospel and people flock to them like they are superstars. It is too bad Hank Haegraaff's new release of Christianity in Crisis does not address Murdock or Bob Bell, though he does expose Hinn, Copeland, White and the rest of the brood.

    In the city of Houston, one of the main Christian tv stations is called DayStar!! Does anybody else other than me find this to be ironic? Lucifer is to be translated as DayStar or Morning Star. Now Why would a Christian TV station be called DayStar? It is the same station Murdock so often prophesies his viewers to get the deepest desires of their 10 fold heart as long as they give him money.

    has anybody researched Scientology? if you do hold on to your seat because that is a wild ride too.

  20. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  21. I love Joyce Meyer and get up in the morning early to watch her. I am struggling with some areas in my life, and God is really faithful in giving me the Word to feed me daily. Well, this morning, I just needed more and I stumbled upon Murdock on a different channel. I watched him completely and took notes. Something just didn't feel right in my spirit, so I thought I'd look him up...

    I now know why my spirit was uneasy, God's warning flags were going off all over the place! God does promise us many things, and there are many roads we as Christians have to travel. Further, we don't get everything we want either. What is good for me, may not be good for you, so to speak. God has a plan and purpose for each of us, it doesn't mean that we have the same path. It may be nice for some to think they would benefit financially to have a free paid off home in 12 months, I would, but that isn't for everyone. So many people lose much by sinester teachers. All we can do is pray that God protect those vulnerable by preditors.

    You made a great blog entry. I've glad I found it. Thanks.

  22. Love the open letter to this clown. Mike Murdock is a joke. He should give up his job as a money grubbing TV preacher and do what he does best, write fairy tales! His stories about total strangers giving him suits, (suits, suits and more suits)and the rare automobile crack me up. All his stories are ridiculous. Only problem is there are always more than enough folks who buy into his manure and continue to send him cash.

  23. I am sooooo glad that I read your article, even now as I write this, Mike Murdock is on mute on my TV screen. Its soooo sad that in a time when many many people are bound in sin, bound by evil immoral spirits, hurting and desperately needing salvation and deliverance, that the airways are choking with false corrupt greedy businessmen who parade as preachers of the Gospel. If God gave me authority on earth to do this I would gather all of these men together, seize "all" of there assets (accounts, houses, land, stocks, bonds, ect..), monetize the assets and return the funds to those who sent the money, and to deserving charities, and place these crooks in common prison or confined rehabilitation. Next, I would fine the TV Stations for profiting from broadcasting this illegal activity. Finally, I would burn all books and tapes and issue federal orders to stop all publications of such materials throughout the U.S.

  24. People can not tell truth from falsehood, which allows charlatans like Murdock to survive and prosper. If you calibrate him using kinesiology, he calibrates at less than 200, which means he lacks integrity. The sorry thing is, many people are so hungry to believe the kind of thing Murdock trumpets, that they are east prey. If Jesus taught us anything, power is to be used to help people, not take advantage of them. The only hopeful thing here is that what goes around comes around. This man has built up an awful lot of bad karma. But it will come around.

  25. Honorary Doctorate from a barely accredited school in Fl. Mr. Murdock actually dropped out of seminary. He's no Doctor or Man of God, the word "charlatan" comes to mind.

  26. SeekingknowledgenowNovember 5, 2009 at 6:19 AM

    So Excellently Put!!! Thank you for speaking from a faithful heart, a heart that loves the Holy Lord and wants mankind to know the truth of who the Holy Lord really is, and not the "wicked nonsense" that the unholy is trying to portray. My heart screams out for joy over this article. Be Blessed !!!

  27. Just got through watching this program of Mr Murdock trying to 'steal money' from hard working 'Christian' people all over the land. It really sickens me to no end. God will disiplin 'Mr Murdock and all who steals from hard working people'. If you want to give. Give to your local church. At least they don't beg for Money. My God Bless you all!!!

  28. Totally agree with all the comments. Murdock, Munsey and all the Cerullos are far from the Jesus of the Gospels but rest assured they will be called to account for their despicable crimes, They are an abominable crowd of scam merchants who have twisted and perverted the word of God to enrich themselves. They are the vilest of criminals. Greetings from Ireland to all true followers of Jesus. Remember the promises of Jesus are free. All you have to do is confess your sins and believe and trust in him.

  29. During bouts of insomnia I'm often mesmerized by Mike Murdock. Thinking the man is genuine I'm tempted... but then I ask myself why can't I "seed" $1000 to a poor church in my town? And what does Murdock's ministry do with all these seeds? Has he stepped up to come to the misery in Haiti right now? I doubt it.

    His ideas of "seed" and "harvest" have merit - I may do it right here in Phoenix.

  30. Thanks guys. My vulnerable self just put the pieces of the puzzle together today. Luckily, I didn't "sow" much all, WHAT a RELIEF. What a disgrace. UNBELIEVABLE.

  31. Hmmpf?

    Somebody missed the point.

    I would challange you to actually hear ALL of his words. It is interesting here, how you berate a man whom you have never met. You don't need to give and plant a seed nor would I suggest you do. But you might want to consider your hostility does not reflect well upon you.

    If you have ever worked with missions of any sort you will quickly find that a great deal of money to help others comes from these people and their efforts.

    Also it seems that you have failed to study Christ's words thoroughly. God does not own us and never will. Only people who think others owe them thinks that way. Rather think of it in these terms; That God promised us that if we followed his commands and gave one tenth to the priest hood or temple services he would give is abundance and would keep us safe and healthy.

    Do you give ten percent of your gross income?
    Have you read that in your Bible?
    Read the first five books very carefully, then also read The Gospel of John. You can read the rest too if you have the time. but those books will summerize the Truth which you seem to have missed.

    God Bless,

  32. Well one thing he has done he put some people to work I wonder if they feel guilty to take his money that he took from some poor old couple.

  33. Chrissy, You are such a vivacious, holy spirit filled and full of God's wisdom. God bless you for allowing him to use thru this plain truth message for HIS vulnerable people. THANK YOU.

  34. Facts...
    Dr. Murdock, does not recieve a salary...
    The church is completly Debt free..
    and he does not recieve a penny of the money sent in for his personal gain...
    He DOES NOT teach or insinuate that Money is a god.. it is NOT
    He teaches faith... he has often mentioned that whatever you are able to sow... sow.

  35. the goverment needs to stop these con artist.they probably don't pay taxes because they;re a church.

  36. He is a criminal that should be put in prison. At least Al Capone and John Dillenger would tell you what they were. I have a lot more respect for a prostitute because at least they earn their money. Coming from the bible belt I have encountered characters like this throughout my life and they are very dangerous. Their danger stems from their uncanny ability to sniff out desperate people encountering difficult times in their lives. Mike Murdock is an abomination.

  37. Michael Murdoch pitchman --- Quickly, Quickly, Quickly...Go to the phone right now...Quickly...Even if you don't have it, and your credit card is not maxed out...Quickly give your $1,000 that you cannot afford and might never be able to pay off at the 20%-30% interest rate. Even the Bible said the widow gave her last two coins and that was more than those pretentious donors who wanted everyone to see their large gift. But the Bible said the widow gave more because she gave of her need and the others gave of their wealth. The Bible did not tell her to give more by borrowing it. This guy is a fund raiser par excellance.


  38. I have always wondered why he never discusses more about just what it is that his "ministry" does and is involved with? I mean throw us a bone at least give a little hint as to what you are using all these very large donations for. And more than anything else,WHY you are seemingly the only prosperity preacher who is not only getting OUR money but also "blessings" from these other anonymous sources. So you get a check in the mail for such and such an amount? OK,like that's enough info to convince me it's the truth? How bout a hint there as to just what kind of check,Mr. Genuis? And why do we need to "hurry" to our phones...are the lines about to go dead or something? Why don't you shock us all and say something that actually makes some sense and is somewhat relevant!
    And if I am wrong about you,then may my fingers suddenly be unable to type anymore,and my computer go dead right now!
    think about it...

  39. Excuse me, I can't stop laughing at a previous post about "Dr." Murdock, that he does not recieve a salary, no money goes for his personal gain and his "church" is debt free!
    Since Murdock is ALWAYS bragging about his wealth, I wonder where it comes from? His so called "church" is debt free? So he pays nothing in property taxes or utilities or maintenence? The part about Murdock taking no money for personal gain, well, that's just pure insanity. Murdock is about as subtle as a train wreck. The ONE and ONLY thing this crook ever talks about is sending him (or whoever he's whoring for, usually the equally disgusting David Cerullo) your cash. Doesn't teach from a bible but one of his so called "books" that are about the size of a small pamphlet. Murdock and his ilk are sickening. I can't believe anyone buys into the manure he spews. Sadly those that do have made him very wealthy.

  40. Oh my Lord...and this guy has been trying to visit Brazil in a few months and has been inviting Braz. friends to his home to spend Christmas and New Year because there are many rich people out there, maybe more millions in his bank accounts. Pathetic books and messages on tv stations. Look at his Twitter and you will see...Is he helping the homeless, the veterans sleeping in the streets, trying to find a solution for unemployment? Probably not...Just asking more money...money...money


    My name is Trey Smith. I have just written and released a book that exposes a lot of darkness within Mike Murdock Television Ministries. I grew up with Mike's son (Jason Murdock). Jason, who now has abandoned his father's last name (now goes by the name Jay Sustain), lived with my family for a great many years when we were both children. Ultimately, Jason and I went to Christ for the Nations together. It was during this time period that I interacted w/ his father (Dr. Murdock) on a regular basis and often stayed nights and days at a time at the Mike Murdock Texas mansion, known as "Hacienda de Paz." It is a very hidden and private estate with much security. There is a lot that goes on in Dr. Murdock's world that is very, very, very, extremely dark.
    It was during this time period in my life that I nearly lost my faith in God and began to think of Christian ministry as a well-oiled money making machine that could allow an average man to literally live like a rock-star.
    Through a chain of ever-increasingly eerie events, I was the man most primarily involved in stealing the television evangelist Mike Murdock's safe. The safe was located in the heart of the property, inside Mike Murdock's bedroom, behind three electronically locked doors.
    I went on the run-----I didn't talk to very many people about any of these facts for a great many years.

    If you are interested in talking to me to know more----then please email me back. I would also be pleased to give reviewers a free promotional copy of Thieves for your opinion and review.

    Trey Smith

    More info on the book is found at: www.readthieves.com

  42. wow, the madness of religion, these scam artists should be put in jail, for being predators on gullible and desperate people

  43. I just saw this guy ask people who are in the HOSPITAL to give "seed money" and that they would be healed! I cannot believe people still worship this made up supernatural myth.

  44. Murdock is on the air for two reasons:

    1- to enrich himself by twisting the Scriptures. He is receiving his reward now from the god of this world; and,

    2- to discredit Christianity to the ignorant by his portrayal as a sort of used car salesman--using a Bible instead of a car.

  45. Interesting the various interpretations people can have over what someone says on TV or in person! I've heard Mike Murdock and many, many other preachers and pastors over the years. On Murdock, I've never heard him say or write that "only" if you give him and his ministry a seed will God give you any favor. Give some of your money, or some of your time or some of your experience to someone else in addition to yourself (whether it be Murdock's ministry, your neighbor down the street, or someone else who you personally know can be helped by your time, knowledge or money, etc.). It's in that way that many doors of favor can appear to be opened unto a person. That's how I personally took Mike Murdock's message when I've heard it over the last 20 years when I've come across it. I'm not even a member of his congregation. I'm a RC (surely there will be those now that say I bow to a leader in Rome, Italy but they are free to have that opinion. The greatest gift from the Lord is the ability of Free Will and Free Thought.)

    “If you look for the bad in people expecting to find it, you surely will.” -Abraham Lincoln


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