Friday, August 15, 2008

What I am Doing Right Now, But I Would Never Tell Facebook

Chrissy is...

Wondering who some of these people are who remember her so well from high school and/or college.

Getting too much imaginary crap from people she may or may not remember from high school and/or college.

Trying to think up ways to get a decent photo of herself.

Trying to make her daily activities not sound like they are duller than dirt.

Doing daily activities that are duller than dirt.

Getting tired of all the people who are bragging about going to the beach.

Not feeling sorry for people who return from the beach and exclaim about all of the laundry they have to do.

Trying to check Facebook quickly and then log off because it freaks her out that people can see when she is online.

What are you doing right now?


  1. avoiding doing other things

    wondering when my tummy woes will be over

    reminding myself not to forget to play tooth fairy tonight

    being glad that I don't have a facebook page

  2. Stays logged into Facebook 24/7 so no one has any idea as to when I am actually at the computer...

    Wonders what people are really up to...

    Can't believe how much some people have changed...

  3. lol..I am so with you on that first one.... Who are all these people.

    Anyways, I am about to eat broenies and Blue Bell ice cream and watch a movie. Also, avoiding Facebook and myspace so I don't have to chat with anyone because I don't wanna interrupt the previously mentioned activities.

  4. Watching the Olympics.
    Trying to get up enough energy to drag myself upstairs for an early bedtime for once.
    Trying not to eat any food.
    Patting myself on the back for not signing up for Facebook. ;)

  5. You can fix Facebook to show that you are offline every time you log in. I did that because it was freaking me out too. Plus, I have a new baby, I don't always have time to talk to all of my friends who are online. :) LOL Call me! I'll tell you all about the speedy delivery. :)

  6. wishing I was still sleeping

    Making coffee

    Doing laundry and I didn't go to the beach.

    Listening to Ben watch "Where's God When I'm Scared?" for the 42nd time this week. I'm such a good mom.

    I just joined the facebook thing and have decided to decline any friend requests I don't know the people. Just because I may have had one conversation with them in highschool doesn't mean there not weirdos.

  7. wondering why you are on facebook to begin with


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