Monday, December 17, 2007

I've always wanted to hire kitchen help...

but it turns out I have access to unlimited free child labor right here in my own home. Here they are, working diligently to mass produce sugar cookies for my consumption:

Pay no attention to that cluttered kitchen you see behind her. My minions will clean that up next.

And quit looking at my 1970's wood paneling. It's coming back in style, I swear.
At my cookie factory, we are all about the business of making cookies.

No smiling is allowed. Back to work! And no sampling the icing!

You can tell by his bedhead and beleaguered expression that this one was up before dawn to begin his labor.

Look alive, kid. You haven't met your quota.

Never mind that sewing machine in the background. I'll put the littlest one to work on that after her cookie shift has ended.

She's still got a good eight hours or so left before her next cocoa break.


  1. Your children are all concentrating so hard, they are obviously taking their child labor very seriously.

  2. Looks like they are really into making those yummy cookies!

    By the way, the advent calendar is from Oriental Trading. It's very affordable. I'd come back t provide the link later...

    Thanks for visiting :)

    Liza's Eyeview

  3. Those photos are so precious! They are concentrating so hard. So sweet. What a fun day!

  4. Too cute!! We haven't made our sugar cookies yet. We made some last year and Logan loved it. We recently bought some new cookie cutters and he is anxious to try them out!

  5. ha ha, that was great. I bet they enjoyed all that sugar.

  6. Very cute post! We have yet to make cookies. Saturday is my designated day. Hopefully.

  7. You're not saying that panelling was ever out, are you? Because if so, I have one sad, sad stairwell.
    Look at those industrious little workers! How very helpful!


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