Sunday, December 9, 2007

Guess What Just Became a Part of My Life...

These babies.

That's right. KangaROOS, circa 1982. Except mine are spring green on the bottom, making them more 80's-liscious than ever. Now all I need are some leg-warmers, a side ponytail, and some Love's Baby Soft, and I'll be ready for anything.

I got them as a gift at a Christmas party this weekend, and I also scored a red ankle-length trench coat, so now I am also prepared for detective work, should the need arise.

The first mystery to be solved: What should I put in my zippered pouch?

Edited to add:
Mystery Solved!


  1. Oh my goodness!! I MUST HAVE THESE SHOES. Where do you buy them I wonder? What a cool gift. I am putting Loves Baby Soft in Allie's stocking. They still make it.

  2. Oh my....I had totally forgotten about Love's Baby Soft.

    Those are some pretty cool shoes!!

  3. Joy, I've been trying to remember what was that strawberry lip gloss that we used to wear that came in the glass tube with the little roller ball applicator? Jody used to always have some.

    I can picture it, but I can't think of what it was called. Anyway, now I like, totally want some. To go with my shoes.

  4. cool shoes. and a RED trench? awesome!

  5. I REMEMBER THAT LIP GLOSS! My aunts wore it all through the 70s. Gah.

  6. I love those shoes! I actually bought my daughter a pair last year - lavender and blue. She loved the zipper pockets. But she could not fit Kissing Potion in there! Okay, where can you find Kissing Potion lipgloss these days?? Now I did find Love's Baby Soft at CVS drugstore. Oh, thanks for the memories...

  7. dude, how do i get to go to christmas parties with favors like that!?!?!?

    i love baby soft so much that i secretly want to buy some for myself!


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