Friday, December 7, 2007

Christmas Cards? Check!

Oh yeah, they're done. Sorry to rub your face in it, but I actually got them done early. You mean you didn't? (gloating laugh).

Truthfully, I rarely get them sent out before December 23rd, so I have no right to ridicule any of you late-senders. Or early-to-mid-senders, as it is still the first week of December.

As it happens, I entered a blog giveaway contest back around Halloween or so and won a free set of custom-designed cards, which forced me to orchestrate the annual Christmas photo shoot when it was still ninety degrees outside, which felt wrong. So don't hate me for being on the ball. In real life I'm not at all organized.

I hesitated to put them up on the blog because, well, they have my last name on them, plus, I didn't want to spoil anyone's gleeful surprise when they got theirs in the mail (I'm just certain that's how people react when they get my cards).

Anyway, last night I found my card posted on Weelittledesigns, which is, incidentally, the website that gave me all the fabulous free cards, and it cracked me up because they had put a pseudonym on them, so of course I had to post it:

Aren't they darling? I told Pete just the other day how darling these cards were, really. Just darling. And then he said to me, "Sweet Caroline, good times never seemed so good." Then we just laughed and laughed.


  1. Okay Chrissy, ahem Caroline. I can't stop laughing at this. And I have already told you but THOSE ARE THE CUTEST CARDS EVAH!

    My cards are all addressed and stamped and everything. If I hadn't made the now-feeling-really-stupid-decision to reorder the pictures, mine would be out too. So there.

  2. LOVELY!!!!!!!

    check out my blog - some Mommy bloggers are pitchin' in to help spread the word and give a Christmas Miracle this year!!


  3. OMG that is hysterical. And what a beautiful little family!

  4. You guys are too funny! Your hubby cracked me up.
    I'm glad you liked your cards, but wish you would have asked for a digital copy edited for your blog...I would have been happy to do that for you. I guess you got one anyway :)
    Merry Christmas, McDonald Family!

  5. anytime you can post cute kid pictures AND quote Neil Diamond... life is good!

    Worked on my cards today - got about 30 ready to mail out - appx. 1/3 of our list!

  6. That is the best card! I love the together photo with the singles on the side. So perfect! And great pics. Just love it!

    I actually got our cards out two days ago. The earliest ever, for me. Yeah!

  7. Oh Sweet Caroline - we were blessed to recieve your card the other day. The first one of the season. Now I HAVE to get mine done this weekend. And my four year old monkey wants to help. Do you think the post office will process mail if the stamp is on the lower left instead of the upper right?

  8. Oh...those are SUPER cute!! Not only have I not even started addressing envelopes, I haven't even taken a picture to send with the cards yet!! Hmmm...they did just light the National Christmas tree. Perhaps a trip into D.C. is in order!!

  9. Beautiful!!! I will have to save that site for next year. I have ordered my cards, but they are not even here yet. But, hey, I have like 2 whole weeks!

  10. Adorable, congratulations for getting them out. I got mine done early this year, the first time ever I believe.

  11. That is such a beautiful Christmas Card! I love it. I couldn't get my kids to pose for one this year!


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