Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Where does one buy a burro anyway?

So I've been a little scarce around here this week, and I plan to be even more scarce because my sister Wendy and her three kids arrived today for a visit. You may not realize it, but July is not exactly tourist season in Dallas because of a little thing we call sweltering, miserable, oppressive heat. But she loves me and wanted to see me before school starts, so she has come down from her cool mountain home in North Carolina to fry along with us.

And in return, I will take her on a tour of all the tourist attractions in our area that either involve air conditioning or water. It should be fun.

In other news, the other day I left my bearded husband at home and went to the store, and upon my return I encountered this:
Thankfully, he was just wearing it to be funny, and shaved it off later that afternoon, revealing his normal, handsome face. Which was a good thing because the 'stache was a little unnerving. Plus we really don't have it in our budget to get a burro and sombrero right now. Or a set of dueling pistols.


  1. He could play for the major league with a stach like that! ;)

    What a good sister you have to visit in sweltering heat. Have a wonderful time! :)

  2. See, that moustache screams out for sideburns.
    My husband is ALWAYS, ALWAYS horrifying me by scultping his moustache into various terrifying shapes. Dude, STOP IT!

  3. Men and facial hair, I don't get it! My husband will grow something on a whim about once a year. And everytime it's the same reaction. Yuk! Leave it alone, PLEASE!


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