Wednesday, June 11, 2008

People. They're the worst.

After spending the afternoon at the city pool today for the first time (of many) this summer, I would like to announce that I am a truly awesome parent. There's nothing like a good trip out in public, spending time with other people and their children, that makes me feel like mom of the year. Except, you know, when my kids are the ones acting up, or you know, I'm the one being lazy. Not that it ever happens, oh no. Ahem.

Today, however, I would like to announce my awesomeness in comparison to the family who gathered for a picnic in the park and sent all of their kids to the adjacent pool while the grown-ups had a cookout. Their preschool children. Who had no floaties. And could not swim. Who they sent with an 10 year old older sister/cousin to look after them. Along with an 8 year old boy with Bud Light swim trunks. And whose little 2-3 year old little boy was clinging to the steps (WITH NO FLOATIES) trying to get the attention of any adult in the vicinity just so he could point out the birds or whatever he was saying that I didn't understand.

At this same pool last year, I turned around to see a small toddler underneath the water, just out of my arm's reach, with her mom busy putting on sunscreen, and the teenage lifeguard turned the other way, flirting with a boy. So I shouted to Grace to pick the kid up, and my six year old child saved the day, I'm just saying.

So the point is, put floaties on your little kids so that they will float. Floating is a whole lot better than sinking. Just a public service announcement. Thank you.


  1. Wow, you think people really don't understand how fast kids can drown? It really makes me wonder. I think I am very cautious with my kids around water and always have been!

  2. First of all, Happy Birthday!!!!

    How can anyone NOT be cautious around water? I wouldn't even be comfortable with a 10 year old who *could* swim being unsupervised while in the water. I can be a lazy parent sometimes, too, but that is just crazy!

  3. Yes! Happy Birthday!

    You now have me totally looking forward to my planned trip to the pool this weekend. ;-) I was planning on making Myatt wear his life vest since I won't have another adult with me, though. Thankfully, ours at least has a wading pool and spray grounds, so he won't have to wear it unless he goes in the big pool.

  4. Isn't it so sad? And scary? Some parents just seem to treat their kids like dogs. Put them out in the yard (or a POOL???) and let them fend for themselves.

    Thank goodness you were watching. How scary!!!

  5. What's up Chrissy?! Great to see the Atkinson family doing so well. As a former lifeguard,thank you for saying what I always got almost fired for saying... Oh yeah, and you said in your last post that you wouldn't let you or your husband get "state-triotic" clothing or paraphernalia ...

    I saw the picture of the Cowboys car sticker...

    You both make me cry...

  6. Happy Birthday friend! Thank you for being the kind of parent that won't let your children drown in Bud Lite Shorts. Or any other shorts. Way to go the extra mile.

    I heart you.

    (Okay, That part wasn't sarcasm. I really do love you.) Hope your day is fabulous and you did something a little more self-indulgent than take your kids to the public pool. DId you at least wear your new smokin' bikini?

  7. Bud Light Swim trunks! Where do I get me some of those?

  8. screw floaties. try being in the pool with your child(ren). yeesh. my daughter is 5 and a half, is a very good swimmer, and just this summer will I let her get in while I sit on the side. and keep a close eye on her.


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