Sunday, June 8, 2008

20 Things I Will Never Do

So this one has been going around a bit lately, and I've been thinking of giving it a try. I have to say it's been a little tough to think of twenty things. Joy did a great job with hers, and I really wanted to steal a lot of them, but I've refrained.

Also I keep coming up with Things I Will Never Do Again, but that's a list for another day, I suppose.

I will never:

1. Drive a Hummer, or any other similarly-sized vehicle. I can't stand those things. Plus I wouldn't be able to park it.

2. Own a cat. Sorry, cat lovers.

5. Have a neat, organized house. It's just not my personality. Or anyone else's personality who lives here, quite frankly.

6. Wear "state-triotic" clothing or jewelry. Or allow my husband to get one of those long-sleeved button-down shirts that looks like a giant Texas state flag. (shudder)

7. Become a vegetarian.

8. Describe anything as "too chocolatey".

9. Enjoy cold weather.

10. Be a morning person.

11. Be good at sports.

12. Want to be good at sports.

13. Feel passionately about a sports team. The best I can do is empathy.

14. Be done with the laundry.

15. Or the dishes.

16. Bungee jump and/or skydive.

17. Quit eating sugar. I've tried.

18. Have a hairstyle that could be described as "smooth", "silky", "shiny" or "straight". More accurate adjectives would be "frizzy", "bushy", "wild", or "tangled".

19. Figure out whether I should bowl left-handed or right-handed. I get the same dismal results with each hand. Same goes for softball.

20. Be able to comfortably use the word, "holla!" (although I secretly want to)

21. Start to dislike fried vegetables. (Okra! Squash! Green Tomatoes! Holla!)

22. Stop loving my kids, my husband, or my God.


  1. Oh, come on Chrissy, don't you want some huge earrings in the shape of Texas to go with your big hair?

    If I were to do this list, I could pretty much copy yours except for 18 and 19. I'm not sure I could even pick out the NC state flag among other flags. Well, and I have owned a cat, but that was the only and last one.

  2. oh i love these posts! great list. i am going to go hug my cat now though! and have a chocolate muffin for breakfast.

    have a great day!

  3. No cats? But cats are God's furry miracles. My little furry miracles peed all over the laundry room this weekend and miraculously are still alive. Why wouldn't you want some of that?

  4. That was so fun!
    I'm with ya on the no cats thing, but only cuz I'm allergic. Ah well. I clean up enough poop around here. ;)

  5. Fun post! I agree on the cats thing!!

  6. Oh, great 20 nevers! It was so hard for me to do!

  7. hey, who got a hold of your camera! cute photo of you on your profile!

  8. Will I get fried veggies on our trip this summer? No one even knows what okra is out here!


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