Thursday, June 19, 2008

C is for Contagious

Tommy was excited that the word of the day on Word Girl was "Contagious". It just fits perfectly, since he got a diagnosis of strep throat this morning. My apologies go out to the 10:00 Level 2 Swim Class that he shared the pool with yesterday. Good luck, kids.

Meanwhile, the cookies have been baked, the laundry has been folded, and the packing has been procrastinated started in preparation for our Southern Migration this weekend. I guess I'll have to add Amoxycillin to the packing list. I'm just praying we will only need one bottle.


  1. aww poor fella. now this is the second post i've read about strep...what? it's summertime. my goodness, hope everyone's in the clear and your little guy feels better soon.

  2. Oh no! What crappy timing! I hope he makes a speedy recovery and that no one else catches it.

    By the way, I LOVE your "Passenger" pics on your sidebar. Just too sweet!

  3. apparently strep AND a stomach bug are going around the camp where I work and my daughter is attending.



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