Monday, September 24, 2007

Treasure Hunt

This weekend I launched an all-out search for a twin bed for Katie. Her feet have been practically hanging off her toddler bed for some time now, and I have put it off long enough.

I decided to look for a used bed, mainly because 1)she's 3 and knows how to use crayons, and 2) a new piece of furniture would not fit in with my "decor".

I use the term "decor" loosely, because what I really mean is that all of my furniture is "shabby chic". (And by "shabby chic" I really mean "already has crayon marks".)

So the kids and I hit some garage and estate sales this weekend, and I ended up finding this at an antique shop nearby:


It is exactly what I was looking for. It's girly but not too girly, the price was perfect, and amazingly, it even matches her dresser.

I'm just passionately in love with this bed.

I will now devote my life to keeping the crayons away from it.


  1. I think we used to have this bed. Or my brother did. I remember running my hands up and down the spindles until they became worn. Good for on your find!

  2. My grandmother has two of these in what used to be my uncles' shared bedroom. They are truly the only pieces of furniture I want to steal. =)

  3. That bed is gorgeous! Our house is furnished in what I like to call "stuff our parents give us." Do we still qualify as adults?

  4. i SO need a bed for my son. i am so cheap though! gotta hit some garage sales. ..


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