Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Baby Talk

Tommy and Katie came into the living room this morning wearing their underwear, dress shoes, mittens, and pairs of pants on their heads. Tommy announced they were pretending to be in a book called 'Pants Head and the Dragon', and he was going to ride his horse named Spaghetti (really a light saber) and Katie was riding her horse named Macaroni to fight the dragon.

They ran around shouting, "Super Pants Head" and "Look OUT, Pants Head", and Tommy narrated the action as they went along.

A little later, Katie ran through the room with panties on her head.

"I not pants-head, Mama, I panties-head. I a super villain. Wah ha haha."


During lunch, Katie shouted, "Mama, look out! It's a bosquito!"

To which Tommy replied, "Katie, it's not bo-squito, it's MO-squito."

"No, BOsquito!"



"MOSQUITO!!!! Mama, there it is! Hit it with the FLY-SWABBER!!!!"


Tommy has always pronounced things with a W instead of an L, like "wadybug" or "wunch". The other day he informed me that Grace had been teaching him how to make the L sound.

So today he was working on a pre-K workbook to find objects with the letter L. Each time he would try to talk about the puzzle, he would stop to carefully enunciate his L sound.

"Mama, (pause)LLLLook at this (pause) LLLLeaf."

It seems like every time I blink, he grows up a little more.


  1. Ben can't say his "L"s either and I am deliberately posponing teaching him. Because it will be a sad, sad day when he can.

  2. panties head. tee hee hee.

    My daughter is working on the "TH" sound, and makes a big deal about sticking her tongue out and pulling it back through her teeth to say "three"

  3. Joy, You'll notice Grace taught him how to say L, not me. And I don't overly encourage Katie to use verbs either. Not that I want them to have speech issues, but I'm alarmed at how quickly I forgot most of Grace's baby talk, and that does make me sad. I keep meaning to just video them talking for 20 minutes or so.


The kiddos

The kiddos

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