Friday, September 21, 2007

I hate to break this to you

I've come to the sinking realization that my life may not be interesting enough for a blog. At least this week it hasn't been. I've had a seriously blah week. It may have something to do with the fact that my energy level has been hovering at or around zero for a while now, but I've just been trying to think of something to post and I've come up blank.

So for your reading pleasure, I would like to present to you some tidbits that are not interesting enough on their own to be posted, but put together may in fact reach the pinnacle of mediocrity. Enjoy.

1. It seems to be baby lizard season in my house once again. Last year I caught at least 13 baby lizards scooting around the place, and this year promises to be a good harvest as well. I don't know why this is, but it happens every year. Thankfully, it seems to be a common problem and not just limited to my otherwise immaculately clean (cough cough) house. The other day at church I pulled down a screen in Sunday school in there was a dead squashed one that had been rolled up in there. And at a Girl Scout leader meeting two weeks ago, one of the ladies extracted one from the file box she had brought with her (!) and chucked it out the door like it was no big deal. Personally I scream like a little girl every time I see one. And while we're on the subject of household pests, I feel the need to inform you that in addition to baby lizard season, we also have a roly-poly season. They make a pilgrimage across the living room floor every spring by the dozens. So far I have not seen a pest control spray for baby lizards or roly-polies, but if you see some, pick up a couple of bottles for me.

2. It was 91 degrees today. Ninety. One. Degrees. Faren. heit. This weekend it is supposed to get up to 94. This is wrong, people. It should not be this way. It is supposed to be fall. I've also noticed that people around here crank their air conditioners down to 55 or so in order to simulate cooler weather, I guess so they can wear fall clothes or something. This is not an adequate substitute for autumn, Texas. All that means for me is that I have to bring a sweater and wear jeans every time I go out in public, and then sweat to death once I get in my 100 degree car. To make matters worse, my anemic air conditioner is uttering its last dying breaths at a lukewarm 78 degrees. But that's another, even less interesting story.

3. Yesterday I narrowly escaped death twice. The first time was when I discovered AT LUNCH that I had left the burner on the stove on from DINNER the night before. Thankfully on low. Still. Then hours later, I finished putting away the clean dishes from the dishwasher and I stacked my glass baking dish precariously on top of another dish in the cabinet above my stove. I walked into the living room and heard a loud CRASH, and you guessed it, glass everywhere. That had been a wedding gift. On another unrelated note, all of my kitcheny wedding gifts seem to have a shelf life of 11 years because one by one, they have all met their end in the last few months. So for all you relatives who gave me appliances, Correlle dishes, my T-FAL cooking pots, etc., please send me the receipts so I can collect on their so-called lifetime warranties.

That's all I've got. Feel free to insert your own hopefully more interesting story about pest control, weather, or death-defying kitchen incidents in the comments.


  1. Oh my life's not interesting enough for a blog either. That's what blogging is about, being able to find something interesting to write about the mundane. You do it beautifully. And when I have gone a couple days with no posts due to lack of time or decent material, I just resort to posting pictures of my kids.

    Our glasswear is always stacked precariously in the cabinet, and one day last year I opened it up and about 6 glass bowls/casserole dishes and a pie plate came crashing down around me. Amazingly I only received on minor cut, but I was finding glass shards for months. And now when someone is looking for something I say

    "No, we lost that in the crash of 2006."

  2. It was 79 degrees yesterday in the Chisos Basin - about one degree cooler than at my house. Well, that's a comment on the weather...Pest control? I am still killing spiders at least twice a week (and have done so since we moved in almost a year and a half ago).

    No kitchen - related incidents come to mind at the moment...

  3. I'm so ignorant, but...

    What's a roly-poly?

  4. Slouching mom, just because you asked:

    According to this website, a pack of 25 roly-polies costs $31.99. I think I've found a new work-from-home job I can do this spring. Place your orders now, people. I'll only charge you $29.99.


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