Friday, September 28, 2007

Dunder Mifflin Rocks

Last night my joy was made complete by the return of my favorite show, "The Office". I have been waiting for this show to come back all summer, and it lived up to every expectation. Hilarious. SO hilarious. I LOVE this show. I put my kids to bed early on Thursday nights so I can watch this show. I took them to the city splash park yesterday for two hours so they would be tired enough to go to bed on time. That's how much I love this show. It worked like a charm, too. Sleeping at 7:30. Office at 8. Life is fantastic.

I don't watch too much TV, but I am a rabid Thursday night NBC fan. It reminds me of college, when it was mandated that the girls on my hall did not make any plans for Thursday night, so we could all get together for Friends and Seinfeld, and George Clooney on ER.

On another note, after about a decade of dedicated watching, I cannot watch ER any more. I have made that declaration every year since they killed off Anthony Edwards, and I really meant it after they got rid of Noah Wylie, but I'm sticking to my guns this time. I didn't even watch the season premiere last night.

I can't watch Grey's Anatomy any more either. The Office wins that showdown without a second thought.

Other than that, I love 30 Rock, which comes on next week, and that's about it. I do like Dancing with the Stars, but I don't have to watch it. I will probably watch Private Practice next week, to try it out.

So there you have it. A very funny recap of The Office, in case you are a fan, is over at BooMama. On another note, my joy was really made complete last night when Greg brought home a DVD set of Arrested Development that he'd borrowed from a friend. So tonight at my house that's what we'll be watching, if you want to come by. I'll pop the popcorn.


  1. Oh we watched this too. But we have DVR (a gift from God!) so we watched it late. Or we would never get to watch anything.

    And you are right. It was hillarious. I enjoyed the talk at BooMamas as well.

    JIM AND PAM! I was so excited. So very, very excited, in fact, that my husband laughed at me through the WHOLE SHOW.


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