Thursday, May 1, 2008

Too Tired for Titles

I've had five full days of complete exhaustion (again) and I'm thinking of looking up the last time I whined about exhaustion on the blog so I can establish a pattern to tell the doctor, but I'm too tired.

In other exciting news, I've purchased painting supplies and have nearly committed to a color to paint my daughter's bedroom, which has been hideous for the entire three years we've lived here. Not hideous like it needs retouching, hideous like it's purple and gray and white sponge-painted. Really hideous. It's faux-finishing gone terribly wrong. I don't know how we have lived with it all this time. And I have let my house guests sleep in there! Faux-pas!

So yeah, seeing that it took me 3 years to get moving on it, and Grace got new bed linens for Christmas along with a promise of new paint, I'd say it's about time for the faux to go. My plan was to knock it out while Greg is out of town this week, but given my current energy level, it doesn't look promising at this point.

I have some happy news to report: Grace is getting baptized on Sunday. She's been asking about it for a while, and we took her through a class at church to make sure she fully understands what it means. Her last class was tonight, and now she is scheduled to get dunked this weekend. I'm happy for her and she is totally thrilled.

I'm trying to think of something special to do for her for the occasion. Our families live too far away to come to her baptism, and I am trying to decide if I could throw a little party together with friends or maybe just go out to eat afterwards and let her pick the restaurant. Also, I need your suggestions on what would be a nice gift for her. She has a charm bracelet from when she was a bridesmaid at her Grammy's wedding, but all of the baptism charms I've seen online have been for babies. She just got a Bible for her birthday, so that's out. If you have any other ideas, I'd love to hear them.


  1. what wonderful news about your munchkin. i think a party is a great idea. celebrate girl!! i don't have any big ideas on a gift. my parents gave me a cross that they put on my bedroom door when i was little and got baptized. i like the charm idea? or a necklace? enjoy these sweet moments!

  2. I got my first cross necklace for a baptism gift.

  3. Maybe a dove charm would be nice to commemorate her baptism?

    Tell her congratulations!!

  4. I agree, some kind of jewelry she can hang on to would be awesome. It will last and she can hang on to it! Hope you are finding your much needed rest!

  5. Water Come Down by Walt Wangerin is a lovely book about baptism. Makes me cry every time i read it.


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