Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I know you've been dying for an answer...

...to where we went this weekend:

So congratulations to Painted Maypole, who guessed correctly yesterday. You win....um....nothing, but good job anyway.

The camp we went to was just like living out the first scenes of "The Parent Trap", except no one found their long lost twin and pushed her in a lake and then cut her hair. Otherwise just the same. We had a great time, and can I just talk about the turtle for a moment?

First of all, this is a six year old's hand, which makes this turtle the tiniest one ever. The girls named him Cutie and tormented him for a half an hour before I forced them to leave him by the lake and continue their hike. The hike which was punctuated from that point on by weeping and wailing and questioning the validity of 'Leave No Trace' ethics: Take only photographs, leave only footprints. (But can't we take photographs and turtles?)

Upon returning home, every single girl on the trip listed finding Cutie as their favorite part of the weekend.
Since I am still too exhausted to coherently type, I will leave you with two words to describe this picture of Grace: String Bean.


  1. That would have been my favorite part too. I always had a pet turtle growing up and that is honestly the smallest and cutest turtle I've seen.
    Great pics!

  2. What a fun weekend! My dad would have gone back after the girl scouting was done and put that turtle in something and we would have been raising him!!!

  3. yay, i got it right! (and yes, I was a camp counselor for 3 years)

  4. i LOVE that sweet little turtle!!!!!

  5. Your "string bean" looks incredibly happy, must have been a wonderful trip. See now I have boy scouts so I never would have gotten the guess right! And I only made it to brownies myself!


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