Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Few Questions For You

Have you ever taken 89 pictures of your kid on a swing? Is that weird?And have you ever altered the coloring on the pictures so that your child looks like she is glowing, and then you don't know how to alter them back? Has that ever happened to you?
Would you still read my blog if all I did was post pictures every single day?
Don't answer that last one. But here are the serious questions I have for you: What do you do with your photos once you get them on the computer? Do you use Flickr or Shutterfly or what? Where do you order prints from? How do you deal with storing your pictures long-term? Do you trust your online website with them or do you also back them up on CD? What will you do in three years when the CD is obsolete and there is a newfangled gadget taking its place? HOW CAN I LIVE MY LIFE WITHOUT NEGATIVES IN A BOX TO RELY ON????

Any advice would be appreciated.


  1. I'm just here for the pictures, what were you saying?

    Oh yes. Well, if you haven't figured out from the massive quantities of email you get when I post pictures, I use kodakgallery and love 'em. I do pay a fee for the public website that inundates you all with emails, but that is optional. I can store them there without the public web page, and did for quite a while with no problems.

    And as for the pictures, I have the copies on the website and copies on my hard drive at home. When I get the time (read: when we get a new computer and I have to move all my files) I back them up onto CD. I also generally have some of my favorites on my work computer as well.

  2. Sounds like you are having a BLAST with your new camera. And no there could never be too much of a good thing (pictures) on your blog!!

    I use picasa on my computer. I can save things online so others can see it. It has an option to email my photos and a handy dandy button to post them on my blog. It also has wonderful options to crop, soften, glow, and sharpen.
    That's what works for me at least.

    Tinker around, I'm sure you'll find what works for your own style. Have fun and don't forget to turn the camera around and capture yourself once in awhile!

  3. i upload the pictures I want to print to, who will give me 4x6 pics for only 8 cents each (and they always have a deal going for new customers - 50 new prints, check them out) I currently keep all my photos on my computer, but want to back them up on DVD (because I would need way too many CDs to do it. a few years ago I backed it all up and keep a copy at my inlaws, but i need to do it again) i do like knowing that the best of the best pix are there, in case I lose the computer.

    what are you using to edit your pictures? I like Picasa, which you can download free from google

  4. I print them (at an alarmingly slow rate) with my photo printer.

    I'd suggest backing them up on a flash drive. It is the CD replacement for now.


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