Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Faux Finishing

I mentioned a week or two ago on the blog that I had been planning to repaint Grace's room forever, but couldn't decide on a color. I believe this was incorporated into a whine about how exhausted I had been feeling, and blah blah blah. The rest of that story is that about an hour after I published that lovely piece of writing, my good friend Julie showed up with a giant Diet Dr. Pepper (with cherry) from Sonic, pointed at exactly the paint chip that I liked best, gave me wonderful advice on a gift to give my daughter for her baptism, and left. She solved all of the problems I had been whining about.

Have I mentioned what a great friend Julie is? Twelve times? Okay.

So after she left, I got jazzed up on Dr. Pepper and spent the entire afternoon and evening painting while my kids sat on the bed and maintained a disproportionate level of enthusiasm over what basically amounted to watching paint dry.

Brace yourselves for the 'before' photo:That is twelve kinds of ugly, people. Lovingly sponge painted in a garish combination of gray, purple, and white by the previous owner. So 1996. It was only after I painted the walls that Grace revealed to me that she sometimes lies awake at night and sees scary faces in the paint patterns. She'll be in therapy for that, for sure.

And now, the finished product:I don't know why I didn't take the same view of the entire room, or at least try to get a wider shot. I can only say I am enthralled with the new camera and was not thinking clearly. Also I dragged out the tripod and shot in twelve different modes to see which one was best, but they all looked the same. Because I had nothing else I needed to do today.
The painting by the window was a gift from my sister Stacie, and it is from a photograph of Grace at Duke Gardens when she was 15 months old or so. It had not yet found a good home in this house, but I think it fits perfectly here now.

So lovely. Also the cross-stitch above the bed was a gift from Aunt Becky, who can cross-stitch like the wind.
Tommy was given a nice Cowboy one when he was born. Katie keeps asking about her cross-stitch, and I just tell her Aunt Becky doesn't love her.


  1. Oh that Aunt Becky. Too busy gallivanting across the globe to take care of little Katie. :)

    So much to say about this post.

    1. Boy is that some serious faux painting kind of ugly.

    2. HURRAY for good friends like Julie.

    3. It's BEAUTIFUL now. So calming and not an ugly face to be found.

    4. Is that an actual soft-faced cabbage patch doll on Grace's bed?

  2. Joy, I had a whole paragraph about the doll, but I thought it was too dull. Here it is anyway:

    That is Melissa, my favorite doll from when I was a kid. My mom bought her from some old ladies who were selling them off the back of a truck in the Wal-Mart parking lot. She is hand made with hand made clothes and my mom even crocheted her some matching baby booties.

    Grace loves her even more than I did, and sleeps with her every night.

    The really bizarre twist to this story is that recently I was in a thrift store and saw a very similar doll with blonde hair.I snatched her up for Katie, who so far isn't too interested in her.

  3. It looks great!! Nice job. :) Isn't it great to have friends to help out like that? :)

  4. I'm sorry! I'll get busy right away on something awesome for Katie. I feel so guilty! (Even though I know you're just giving me a hard time.)

  5. Wow, looks so great! I have to agree on the faux finish, it was really just a fad and needed to go! Great job!

  6. Oh that does look much better! And I totally feel for Grace about seeing faces in the paint. You remember the headboard on my old bed? Have you ever noticed how much it looks like two eyes? Take a look next time you're at Mama and Daddy's. I was freaked out from that for a good while. I got over it though. Eventually. Hehe.

  7. That is beautiful! Even the bedspread looks new with the new paint job. It is so soft and pretty. I just love it! Great job!

  8. That looks great, Chrissy! My two oldest also have the cross-stitches, thanks to Aunt Susan. I'll have to remember to tell Laura the same thing when she asks...hee hee.

  9. Ok chica, this paint job is SOOOO much better. Don't worry by the time Gracie is in therapy, it'll be mostly about how you ruined her life, j/k. Alright now you have limited time to add my blog to your list of ppl you follow from afar. how can i be more creative with my blog, yours is so comical.


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