Friday, October 5, 2007

Plans for the Weekend

I am ready to start this weekend a day early. Who is with me? It should be loads and loads of fun. I can't wait for it. Want to know what I have planned?


Lovely, delicious, wide open nothing. It's wonderful. We have had five straight weeks of busy, working, birthday partying, running errands all over town Satudays, and this one, this one is just a blissfully empty space on the calendar. I'm so thrilled about that.

Incidentally, we won't have another empty Saturday space on that calendar for at least 3 or 4 more weeks, so this really is special. The pressure not to waste it is mounting.

Here are my ideas for what might transpire: (these are not plans; there are no plans allowed)
1) sleeping late
2) pancakes*
3) much wearing of pajamas
4) playing in the yard, perhaps still in pajamas (don't worry, we have a privacy fence)
5) reading a book while lying in the back yard swing, most likely still wearing pajamas

*The pancakes are iffy, I might go with homemade waffles. Like I said, I have no plans.


  1. my weekend does start early... no school on Friday and it's my husbands day off. We plan to sleep in and then either hit the local fair, wild animal park, or the aquarium. Oh sweet noncommitted time...

  2. good for you! my sunday is looking like this, thanks goodness. well today also actually looked like this since it was a school vacation day. i wore pjs until 2pm!

  3. we definitely are into "no plans" weekends. sleeping late, pancakes and pajammas are what we strive for each weekend. our weeks are just too busy to keep it going for sat and sun as well.

    just happened on your blog a couple days ago.



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