Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Katie: Mama, whass dat book?

Me: That's the Bible.

Katie: Tells me so?


Tommy's standard answer to the question, "What do you want for breakfast?":

"A cinnamon waffle cut up in wittle pieces with syrup on the pwate and syrup on the waffle."

Every time I've asked him for about the last year and a half. He's a very specific child.


Last night at the dinner table:

Grace: Mama, why is there a bear on the Jungle Book movie when bears don't live in the jungle?

Me: I have no answer to that.


Today I'm getting everyone's Halloween costumes ready. I've informed the kids they are shopping in their own closets this year (again) because we have fifty dress-up outfits. I'm thinking of putting together a costume of my own for the first time in years. I'm going as laundry. Feel free to steal it. I'm cutting a hole in a dollar store laundry basket, putting it around my waist, filling it with laundry, and safety pinning socks and a dryer sheet to my shirt. I thought about adding fairy wings and going as the laundry fairy, a mythical creature that I am always alluding to at my house. Example: "Why are these clothes on the floor? Did you think the laundry fairy was going to come by and get them?"

Total cost for the costume: $1.00

Embarrassing myself at Bible Study tomorrow morning when I'm the only one who shows up in costume: priceless.


  1. OMG, can I totally steal that costume idea??! Seriously, if I did, do you live anywhere near upstate NY where there is chance of us running into each other and you getting all "hey, that's my costume?" REally, can I steal it?

  2. HA! I love the costume idea! And I love the conversations with your kids.

    I think I'm just going as the "Tired, Pregnant Lady Who Walks Like Her Hip Bones Fell Apart."

  3. Very creative costume idea...get Greg to take a picture of all of you dressed up. (I bet Katie picks a princess costume.)

    I don't think I'm dressing up, although I already have a spare dollar laundry basket...nah, too much effort. My girls are also rummaging through the dress up clothes, but Will has grown too much & he wants to be a ninja. He just read a story about them and has to dress as a storybook character (non-scary) at school. I guess that qualifies.

  4. Yeah, I usually dress up for Halloween, cause I am hammy like that but I am not feeling it this year. I bought Ben a costume, Clara is wearing one of his hand me downs and the older kids are supposed to be creating something of their own. I told them if they needed me to purchase an accessory, (ya know like an eyepatch or a hat or something) I would but that was it. I haven't heard from them though, so I am guessing hobos and gypsies will be making appearances.

  5. Hee hee, your kids are cute.

  6. Emmay, Yeah, go ahead and steal it. But make sure you post a picture of yourself so I can see your interpretation on the theme.

    And no, I don't think we will trick or treat all the way to upstate NY, although it felt like we went that far last year.

  7. "tells me so?" is fantastic.

    everytime MQ has pancakes she requests "syrup on top and syrup to dip"


  8. Am I the only parent that hasn't introduced syrup to my kids? Seriously, they haven't a clue it exists. I gotta tell ya, I am in no hurry for them to find out.

    And I am going to need pictures of you Chrissy and you Marianne in your laundry baskets!


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