Tuesday, January 6, 2009

TEN Loads of Laundry.

Ten. That's right, I counted. I'm almost to the point where I can see the end of it. Happy end-of-vacation to me. Anyway, it reminds me of a link to my friend Tracy that I meant to post before Christmas, because it would have been funnier then, but it's still pretty funny. It made me laugh quite a bit.

I also have another link I would like to post, to a blog I have been lurking at for quite a while. Jenn writes beautifully and eloquently about her struggle with bipolar disorder, and it is gorgeous and heartrending and admirable and something everyone needs to read, in my opinion.

In other news, am I the last person on the internet to watch Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog? I read about it on Joy's site the other day and I am completely hooked. It's awesome. It's not helping me get my laundry done at ALL. So funny.

Well, back to folding...and questioning what my life has become. See you soon.


  1. I love Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. It is hilarious! Sorry you have so much laundry to do. I am impressed that you are folding, though. We usually just dig the clean stuff out of the basket.

  2. Hey, I'm really impressed. In our house the "folding" part of laundry consists of the folder (usually Keith or the girls) trowing items into separate piles for each individual. Then the folder yells across the house for everyone to come and get their pile. Then each individual shoves their pile - still unfolded- into whatever drawer is available in his/her room. Pitiful, I know! But since I'm not usually doing laundry (and I'm guilty of shoving my clothes in any drawer), I'm not about to complain!

  3. I feel your pain - daily. I can never seem to get it all put away before it is time to start over. I'm working on a plan for this problem, though. I think I'm going to blog about it soon.

  4. i have not been to dr. horrible yet, either, although it does sound intriguing. maybe that can be my reward if I get all the Xmas stuff put away, the mardi gras stuff out, andall three bathrooms cleaned (my goals for the afternoon...)


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