Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Predictions for the LOST Season Premiere

1. Sawyer will be shirtless for the entire first episode, or possibly longer.

2. The Oceanic Six will get back to the island in the very last episode of the season, or possibly later.

3. That is all I know. What are your predictions?


  1. I still need to watch last season's finale! Thanks for the reminder!!

  2. I'm not complaining if Saywer keeps his shirt off the entire season!! Looked fine to me!!

    Yes, it probably will take the entire season for them to find thier way back.

    And...where is Claire?? I thought they'd say something about her not being accounted for last night!

    Miss you!!

  3. You were right about the first one. And probably the second one as well.

  4. ha ha. i love that sawyer spent much of the episode trying to find a shirt. It was like this big nod to the fact that he's always shirtless! wa sit just me, though, or does it look like he's not as toned as he's been in seasons past?


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