Thursday, January 8, 2009

Straight Talk

Hi, I'm Chrissy and I've had the same hairstyle for the last sweet forEVER. Normally it looks like this:
(only less bra strap)

Although let's face it, most days it ends up in a ponytail like this: (in my defense, I hadn't planned to be in the picture. Or even out in public that day.)

But for today, maybe for the New Year, it looks like this:
(I'm not too sure about it yet.)

Also, this is what my hair looks like when someone is whining and trying to climb me while I am taking pictures.
(Not now, sweetie! Mommy has to straighten her hair and then blog about it. Now get back to work taking down those Christmas decorations!)

What do you think? Too Rachel? Should I just keep it curly? Different cut? Discuss.


  1. LOVE your expressions! Oh,yeah, your hair looks good like that! I am kinda used to seeing you with the ponytail, though. My criteria for hair styles is how much effort is it? Which is probably why I've had the same style for the last sweet forEVER, too.

  2. Oh, Chrissy. I love you! Your expressions and commentary are cracking me up. I think it looks good looks remarkably like mine when I've had it cut recently! :-D

    Summary of my thoughts: I think you look beautiful with curly hair AND straight hair. I am of no use at all.

  3. As one who recently walked through this valley, my advice is to do what your hair does. You could grow it a tad longer and do layers and it would probably look awesome with little effort and still be ponytail-able.
    You kinda look like Sarah McLachlan - ask her what to do.

  4. I say the look is nice for when you want to look nice. But, day-to-day, the curly hair or the ponytail are just fine (and I bet a lot less effort).

  5. it is cute either way, but I like the curly... but maybe that's just because I wish my hair had that much curl to it (mine is not straight nor truly curly, and it's a pain in the....)

  6. I found your blog from Janels.... Anyway, I think your hair looks cute straight! I understand the uncertainty though. I also normally have a head full of curly hair. A few months ago I started straightening it. But once a week or so I still wear it curly - I need to feel like my "real" self sometimes!


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