Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spring Break, Part 2

I had a few more pictures I wanted to post for posterity. This one I call "Hair, Cut":
Then there's Tommy being cute.

And lastly we have our Good Friday trip to the Nature Preserve. That's what we city folk have to do to get out into the wilderness, go to the Nature Preserve. Only this wilderness has a paved bicycle path, but whatever.

And no, I haven't posted any pictures of Easter morning, mainly because I haven't developed them yet.

I can paint you a mental picture, though, of my children fighting and arguing all the way through the photo-taking and halfway to church. Tommy and Katie were involved in a spirited debate of "YES" "NO" "YES!" "NO!!" for about five minutes before I launched into my tirade of "STOP FIGHTING RIGHT NOW! WE ARE GOING TO CHURCH TO CELEBRATE JESUS RISING FROM THE GRAVE AND I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR ANOTHER WORD FROM EITHER OF YOU!!" followed by me turning up the music to the point where I could no longer hear them. It was a lovely Easter memory for the ages.


  1. Oh that is funny. I mean, it's not. But it is. The fighting I mean. It sounds like my kids and me. Little stinkers.
    Love the photos! Look at the leaves popping out!
    You have beautiful children!

  2. The stop fighting speech...priceless. I'm quite sure something similar to that will come out of my mouth at some point. :)

    Your kids are adorable, though. :)

  3. My kids NEVER fight. Not ever. Uh huh.
    Your kids are lookers, aren't they!


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