Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tommy's Birthday

My little guy is turning seven next week, and we went ahead and had his party the other night. I always give the kids a choice when it comes to parties; if they want to invite lots of people, we have a party at the house, but if they want to go "out" to another location (Chuck E. Cheese or bowling or whatever), then just the family goes out plus one friend. It's easier on the budget and on the sanity that way, and even our home parties so far have been pretty small; we just invite the neighborhood kids who are over at our house day and night anyway, so it's not that big of a difference.

Anyway, it happened this time that I had a stack of free tickets to the baseball game plus one birthday boy who is nuts about baseball, so this birthday was a breeze for me. Greg took him to the store and bought him his first "real" baseball bat and some batting gloves. He has been swinging it all around the house ever since.I made him a baseball cake. The glove part of the cake needed help, but it was very tasty.

Then it was off to the Frisco Rough Riders game. One of these kids kept her glove in the air the entire time hoping for a foul ball.

Except when she was chewing on her jewelry.
The best part of the evening was when they announced all the birthdays and Tommy got to see his name up in lights. He was thrilled. We were squinting at the sign across the field, but after a few minutes we figured out there was one right behind our heads:

Although I thought the scribbly smiley face was a bit unprofessional.

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