Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Caution: Subject to Mood Swings

Okay so I haven't been posting much in the last few weeks, but the truth is I've been having such changing moods and circumstances from day to day, if I had posted anything it would have gone something like this:

1. I'm Home From Vacation and It sucks!
2. I'm Probably Going to Have to Move and I'm Heartbroken!
3. I Have a Plan To Stay Here and I'm Hopeful!
4. That Plan Won't Work and Now I'm Moody!
5. Kids Having Meltdowns at the Dentist!
6. I'm Having Meltdowns On The Way Home from the Dentist!
7. I Love My Kids So Much They Are So Precious/Growing Up Too Fast/Such a Blessing/ It Makes Me Teary-Eyed!
8. Feeling Sorry For Myself!
9. Feeling So Richly Blessed!
10. The House is For Sale So I Must Constantly Clean! Don't Get Anything Out! (alternate title: Who Is Going to Pack up All This Stuff?)

So as you can see, I'm all over the map and exclaiming everything. No normal sentences for me. The situation around here is complicated, to say the least. I've not been sure how much I really want to put on the blog, but as of now the situation is this: Greg (probably) has a (really good) job starting in (hopefully) September that will involve moving out of state. We're selling the house. Where and how we will live between now and (hopefully) September depends on when the house sells. So I can't make any definite plans, I don't know where the kids will start school, I can't line up a job for the fall because I can't commit to staying for the school year, but if I'm still here then I'll most definitely need to be working, and I may be in one of fifty different moods each time you talk to me.

Also: we've had an offer on the house and we're negotiating, and the closing date they wanted is frighteningly soon. Stay tuned for more drama.


  1. I think my moods would look the same under those circumstances! I'm such a planner and without that to ground me, I'd feel really off kilter.

  2. Girl. I broke my blogging hiatus just to come here and see if you had any news. I see it's all still up in the air. I'm still praying for you.

  3. Oh, girl! I've been where you are and I can so relate. Saying a prayer for you right now!


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