Sunday, December 7, 2008

Places I'd like to visit in 2009

Something about being home for a few days with a miserably sick kid (who is a terrible patient, by the way), makes me want to plan an escape. Below are a few of my wishes for the new year, in no particular order. I limited myself to places that are reasonably doable and affordable, but let's face it, they won't all happen in one year. It would be nice, though.

1. Big Bend National Park. Drive time: 9 hours. I went there a year ago with my sister, and I can't wait for Greg and the kids to see it. There's something special about that place, it's hard to's just so beautiful that its worshipful; it's a spiritual experience. God has made unbelievable beauty there. Like I said, hard to describe.

2. Baton Rouge/New Orleans trip. Drive time: 7 hours. I'd like to see my cousins and aunt and visit with my dear friend Heather who moved out there two years ago and has been asking me to visit ever since. Of course I want to go during Mardi Gras.

3. San Antionio/Beach trip. Drive time: 7 hours. Greg and I have been talking about going to San Antonio ever since we moved here, and we haven't seen it yet. I figure we could stay a night or two in the city, then drive down to the beach and go camping at a State Park right on the water. They let you make campfires right on the beach, and I've never done that before. What do you think, Spring Break, maybe?

4. Cincinnati Trip (to see my parents' new house, of course). Drive time: 15 hours. We would likely stop over to see our dear friends in Nashville, who conveniently live halfway to my parents'. This trip should definitely be in August, because August is unbearable in Texas, and I'm hoping Ohio will have a sensible enough temperature at that time.

5. Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. Drive time: 14 hours. Okay, this trip is much more likely to happen in 2010, but a girl can dream, right? I have never been to Colorado, and it has been a dream of mine for a while. I'm thinking we need to make this trip in the heat of summer as well, let's say July.

6. Georgia/South Carolina trip. Drive time: 15 hours. My soul needs a week by the lake at my parents' Georgia house every June. My soul needs that right now, as a matter of fact, but it's too cold for swimming. And of course I will need to drive an extra couple of hours to see my South Carolina in-laws.

7. Weekend in Charleston with my friend Becky. Drive time: too long, must fly and must go alone. Charleston is best in April or May, I think, but let's face it the seafood is good year round.

8. Camping in the mountains in Arkansas. Drive time: 6 hours. Let's do this one in the fall, shall we?

9. Houston, to see my relatives there. Drive time: 4 hours. It's really pitiful that my aunt and uncle live four hours away and I haven't been to visit them in years.

Okay, so nine vacations in twelve months seems a bit excessive, but I'm dreaming here. Is there any other place I should go? Have I forgotten your house? What places are on your list?


  1. I need to eventually make it back to Houston. We'll see if it's in the cards for the coming year or not, though.

    As for me, I want to go back to DC again...but not for work. Because that would be totally doable. I want to take the kids. And I'm even considering taking Amtrak for it.

    I also want to go spend more than a weekend in Atlanta so I can take Myatt to the Atlanta Zoo and maybe the Aquarium and some other place he hasn't seen yet.

    I would love to make it out to Dallas again (or maybe just meet up with you in Houston!) because that was SUCH a fun trip this year!

    Mark keeps saying something about Greg coming to Raleigh for a conference. I told Mark he's not allowed to come without you.

  2. Me, too! Me, too!

    I love planning trips! I want to go to all the places on your list; think Becky would mind?

    I would add Chicago to my list... And maybe some places that would be easier to fly to from my house since this is just a wish list. I may do my own list at some point... Yeah,I'm probably going to totally steal your idea.

  3. while you're in NOLA we should have dinner or something!

  4. Your welcome to come see eastern Iowa. I would recomend coming in the summer as well. It's very pleasant here in June or July. And very green. I bet you would like it alot. If you come to Chicago with Wendy, we are only a few hours away. Hint! Hint!

  5. If you make it to Houston, you let me know!

  6. Ohio will be 1000 better than Texas at that time. ENjoy your trips!

  7. You definately forgot my house! You could use the "educational" excuse and we could take all the kids to the Grand Canyon. My crew is going to NOLA in January. We are trying to plan a 4th of July vacation with April and her crew. The girls have voted for Disneyworld or Gatlinburg...again.


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