Monday, December 22, 2008

An Early Christmas Gift

Each year, my mother and father-in-law get the kids a season pass for Christmas. Last year we did the Aquarium, and the year before that we did the zoo. This year, the kids are getting a season pass to the Museum of Nature & Science, which is located at Fair Park, home of the Texas State Fair. Unfortunately, it is also the home of the State Fair Ferris Wheel, so each time we go to the museum, I get to hear, "Can we ride the Ferris Wheel?", "Why isn't it running?", "Is it broken?", "Why does it only run during the State Fair?", "When is the State Fair?", and "But whyyyyyyy can't I just riiiiiiiide itttttt?"...I can't wait.Anyway, I had planned to wrap the pass up and put it under the tree, but today was so gray and gloomy, and the kids were just climbing the walls, so I decided maybe Grammy's gift could be given early. And now here is a photo summary of our visit: Convoluted mirror photos and people with things on their heads. Enjoy.

I like my Giant Claw Hand. And my teeny tiny waist.


  1. that hand is fantastic! as are the photos.

  2. Good times. Great pictures! What a great present.

  3. Looks like fun! Last year we did the Children's Museum (or Land of Many Sicknesses). This year I think we'll pick something less hands on. LOL.


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The kiddos

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