Sunday, October 12, 2008

Random Information You Need

The other morning I woke up before dawn to go running and got dressed in the dark. I put on my pink track pants and met my friend Julie for our daily workout. Later that morning, I went to another friend's house to pick up her kids for school. At the school, I hopped out of the car, waved an apology to someone for accidentally blocking them, and then bent over to help unbuckle a few of the six children that I was dropping off. Then I went back home, and as I was getting ready to take a shower, I noticed that I had put on my light pink track pants over some really dark colored underwear.


There you have it.

Fair warning to all of you ladies who might be wearing pink for Breast Cancer Awareness month: Get dressed with the lights on.


  1. This is why I don't wear light colored pants out of the house. Well, okay, that's not really the reason. Just wanted to make you feel a little better.

  2. At least you had on underwear. Could have been worse. I still am floored that you got up early enough to go for a run before taking the kids to school. That is just crazy to me.


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