Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hypothetically Speaking....

If you were just dying, pining to get away for a few days, where would you go? Say you needed to stay within two hours or so from your house, and you lived in....maybe Dallas, for instance. Let's also suppose your husband was traveling for work and couldn't come. Would you take three kids camping by yourself? Or would you brave the absolute hell that is staying in a hotel room with them? Or would you just go somewhere for the day and drive back late in the evening?

Would you go to a drive-in movie theater? Would you want to go to a Dr. Pepper museum? What if there were two of them and you didn't know which one to choose? How much Dr. Pepper do you think you could drink? Would it be cool to own a Dr. Pepper t-shirt? Would you just not care and buy one anyway?

What if you found a really cool website that lists odd roadside attractions. Would you go see any of those? What about a house that is built to look like the Munsters' mansion, or a Texas-shaped swimming pool, or dancing frog sculptures at Willie Nelson's gas station?

What if you lived in a place where the land was really flat and the trees never changed colors, like, oh I don't know, let's say Dallas. Would you head north to find some mountains? Maybe a waterfall? Would you go to Oklahoma just because you've never been there before and it's only an hour or two away? Would you visit a lavender farm? Or go see dinosaur tracks? Or go mining for gems?

So. What would you do?


  1. I'd stay home, because I am very, very boring and predictable. But I think YOU should do any or all of those things and bring back lots of photos for us.

  2. You should do whatever you feel like doing! I guess you should take the kids into consideration, too, so they don't whine and complain too much...

    You've been to Muscogee, OK; it was just a long, long time ago. Have fun this weekend!

  3. I'd go to the beach - an hour and a half away. There's nothing more renewing than the beach in autumn.

  4. A very tough call. I'm not sure what would be more insane, the tent or the hotel room. I think with the hotel room, your kids are at least old enough to not try to run out the door while you shower. And you can at least still GET to shower without the kids being left to wander the campground.

    I am very big on being able to get my shower-time. Can you tell? I say: pick a direction that has some different scenery, and go. You deserve an escape from the ordinary ;-) Just be sure to pick something that at least some of the kids will enjoy as well. Definitely don't want the whining to ruin the moment.

  5. What would I do? Well I would leave the kids with a babysitter and head out to a hotel with some girlfriends in a nearby city. We'd go to dinner, have some drinks, hit the comedy club and then maybe even go dancing.
    But that's just me. ;)

  6. Oh Oh Oh...I'd go see the dinosaur tracks. Unless I had access to that wacky website of roadside attractions. Then I'd do that too. But you know me...I love dinosaurs! Remember the car?

  7. Tracee, I forgot to put the link to the website, it's

    Also I don't remember the car. You're the second person today that referenced a memory that I don't remember. Maybe I need more vitamins.

  8. where's that really big rubber band ball? I've always wanted to see that.


  9. haha, so what did you do?

    I can't really imagine do all those things with THREE kids, I think it would completely depend on whether the kids were good and enjoyed car rides. I wouldn't want to take a miserable road trip where everyone was whining because they didn't want to be there. So it would totally depend on the kids...

    I however, would love to go on a road-trip with perhaps another friend and her kids, plus mine (if I had some.). I think it would be a lot more enjoyable if there were another Adult there, personally, then just me and my kids.


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