Monday, May 23, 2011

A very short and lame update

Hi folks- if there are any folks still out here.  I just wanted to pop in to mention that I've moved- two weeks ago, to a city called Carthage in Missouri.  Greg got a new job as a pastor at a church here.  We are ten minutes from Joplin.  We rode out the storm last night huddled in our bathroom, and even ten miles out it was petrifying.  I'm headed down to Joplin tomorrow to volunteer at our church campus there, and we shall see what will happen.

So.  What is new with you?


  1. I'm still here! And you probably always know what is up with me via FB! ;)

    I pointed a friend of mine in your church's direction last night because she is wanted to donate to the relief efforts, but can't get through via Red Cross for some reason!

  2. congratulations on the move and the new job. and yikes. i imagine you will be a real blessing in the aftermath of the storm, and I tell you, there is something about a community pulling together after a disaster that bonds it like nothing I've ever seen before. I was watching a documentary just yesterday about musicians in NOLA after Katrina, and I was just thinking that probably part of why I love NOLA so much (apart from it's obvious awesomeness) is that after the storm we heard over and over again WHY people loved it, and watched them (and helped them) fight for the things that were important to them. I imagine you will learn much about your new home from the love for it you see in the storm's aftermath.


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