Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Happy Return to Busy

We've had a pretty mellow couple of months around here since we moved on the first of the year.  Well, all that is over now.  We've kicked off our "Spring Visiting Season" with a visit from some Texas friends, to be followed soon by a trip to the beach with my mom, followed soon after that by (hopefully) a couple of more visits from cousins and friends, followed soon after that by a camping trip with even more cousins.  I love it.  I love living close enough to see our families more than twice a year, and while I STILL miss Texas and my wonderful friends there, I am enjoying this season of life as much as I can.

And while I am not completely sold on homeschooling as a lifestyle (for us), I do love the fact that it allows our schedule to be flexible enough to visit with everyone else on their various weeks of spring break.  We may extend our school year well into summer, but it is worth it to get to visit with our friends and family when we want.  

To sum up, please enjoy these random hula hoop photos, and Happy Spring to each and every one of you.


(before the broken arm incident)



  1. Such cute photos!! Sounds like you guys are having a good time lately!

  2. I love these pictures. I particularly love the one of Katie with Grace in the background. There is DEFINITELY a visit from us in your future, so I am glad your schedule is so flexible too!


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