Monday, June 1, 2009

Jet Lagged

Well this week has been a crazy one. I could write a handful of blog posts about it if I had more than a few moments to sit still, so I'm just going to make a list.

1. My cousin Tracee came into town last week to visit with her husband and daughter. We crammed about five days' worth of sightseeing into 24 hours. We got rained on at the Rangers' ballpark. We saw the Southfork Ranch where they filmed Dallas. We walked on the grassy knoll. We ate some good food. We laughed quite a bit. It was a lovely visit.

2. Right after that, Greg and I left town for three days and flew to an undisclosed location to interview for a job. It was good and it went well, but it was very bizarre. There were five people flown in to compete for the same job...for the entire weekend. It was strange. Let's just say most churches don't do that. I kept asking Greg if he thought we should be making alliances in case we were asked to vote someone off.

3. I've been reading Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv. I am loving it! I need to find someone else who has read it so I can discuss it with them. VERY thought-provoking.

4. To top all of that off, this week is the last week of school (FINALLY), so of course there is all the mayhem and crazy that goes along with that, but freedom, sweet luscious yummy freedom is on the horizon, and in just days it will be mine.

5. I found a dead baby snake in a drawer in the kids' bathroom right before we left this weekend, and I forgot to tell Greg about it, and he is leaving town tomorrow morning at the buttcrack of dawn for yet another interview. My dilemma: do I just leave it there for a few more days or do I dispose of it myself? Discuss.


  1. "Freedom, sweet yummy luscious freedom"... I can't wait for that, either!
    #2. That is just crazy. Did y'all ask for immunity?

    #5. Just ick. You should probably dispose of it and then wash your hands THOROUGHLY even though you only touched it with about 15 layers of paper towels between your hands and the corpse.

  2. Chrissy, suck it up with a vacuum cleaner and then get rid of the bag! Does Greg have a shop vac? Use that, then let it sit in the garage and wait for him to return to deal with it. ShopVac, takes care of bats AND dead snakes! :-D

    That interview is crazy. I hope it did go well!

  3. HOW DO YOU FORGET ABOUT A DEAD SNAKE IN ANY DRAWER IN ANY AREA OF YOUR HOUSE? Sorry, Stacie can explain about the irrational fear that led to my screaming...

  4. did the baby snake get there on its own, or did one of your kids put it there?

    and that interview? sounds like an AUDITION! except often you are auditioning against a bunch of your friends. crappy.

  5. Hehehe, you made Janna scream. I love it!

  6. Wow. Busy, busy!
    So, what did you do with the snake?


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