Monday, March 2, 2009

The Day that Just Sucked

Well, we had to have our dog Molly put to sleep today. I knew it was coming for quite a while, but I don't think I was actually prepared when the time came. It was awful. Really awful. Molly has been a part of our family for twelve years, ever since the day Greg and I brought her from her little cage at the pound into our tiny first apartment, and it feels weird to be in a house without her.

The kids are doing okay with it, but I don't really think they understand just yet. Katie thought we were joking and started looking around the house, calling Molly's name. Fun times.

Meanwhile, I am a total wreck. I'm the one who has been saying for months that if the dog messed up my carpet one more time she was GONE, and yet here I am completely wrecked now that it has happened. I'm complicated like that.

So after our horrid trip to the vet this morning, I had to make a trip to Kroger so I could make dinner for a friend from church who is ill. I just wandered around the store sniffling and sobbing, gathering ingredients for tortilla soup and enough dark chocolate to see me through the next few days. As I walked toward the checkout line, I noticed a display of travel-sized Nivea lotion. I've been meaning to get some lotion for my purse because my hands have been all cracky lately, and to top it all off, the name of the scent was "a touch of happiness". The Nivea marketing people must have known this would appeal to my demographic....the bereaved dog owner who really has to go grocery shopping even though she is still crying demographic, I guess. So I bought the lotion.

Later today, after I dropped off the soup (and she wasn't home, and I'd never been to her house before, and she never called to say she got the soup, so I may have just left soup and salad and cookies and chips and salsa on the porch of a total stranger, but I digress), I felt the need for 'a touch of happiness' as well as hand lotion. So as I was driving down the road, I grabbed the lotion and rubbed it all over my hands.

It was at that time that I realized I had accidentally purchased body wash.

But at least it smelled really nice.


  1. I'm so sorry about your doggie. :(

    You know it is a bad day when your "touch of happiness" doesn't quiet work out.

  2. Oh friend. How awful. I love our pound puppy to pieces and can't imagine how hard it will be when we have to let her go. The touch of happiness story made me smile.

    "Some days are like that, even in Australia."

  3. Oh Chrissy! Bless your heart. Gosh what a sad day. Now I feel bad that I called Greg gay on Facebook.

    I am so sorry your day has been so crappy. And I am so sorry I actually laughed at the body wash.

  4. oh, I am so sorry. we've had to put kitties to sleep - ones my husband had for up to 16 years (and me that, minus the 6 or so years he had them before we married) and it was SO SO hard.

    The book Dog Heaven by Cynthia Rylant is wonderful, and I recommend it heartily.


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