Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Weekend in Photos

These came from my yard and caused me great joy.
These came from a warehouse and caused me much exhaustion.
And then I was attacked by a pirate clone trooper, causing me to pretend to bleed to death.


  1. Oooh, we've had daffodils for about a week or so. I just noticed today that my pear tree and a bunch of other trees around the city are starting to try to bloom! SPRING!

    Oh, and I found some psuedo-Samoas outside Lowe's yesterday. I am a very happy camper now.

  2. mmm... samoas....

    i think somehow we managed to not buy any cookies this year, which is an obvious oversight on our part. I turned the neighborhood girl down assuming my hubby had been hit up by the girl scout at our church that we always buy from. but I think somehow that didn't happen, and we are girl scout cookie less.

    but I made up for it in buying 75% off valentines candy.

  3. My mom was the cookie mom when I was a Girl Scout. I loved it because we ended up with extras! This year we bought one box (we hadn't bought them before because we didn't know any girl scouts). Now I wish we had bough a lot more because my husband has already eaten half the box! Hopefully the sorting goes quickly and you can have the room back!

  4. I just have to tell you that every time I come here lately Ben is standing near me and practically falls over himself in awe of Tommy in his Storm Trooper (Clone Trooper??) mask. I have had to explain to him 3 times who Tommy is and that no, I don't actually no him and he lives very far away so Ben can't play with him. :)


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