Sunday, November 2, 2008

Shouts out

To the man in my neighborhood who came running out with a live chainsaw when we walked up his front sidewalk: Hey there. Way to chase that princess down the street.

To another neighbor who left out three bowls on his porch with instructions to take one thing from each bowl: I don't know if I'm impressed or disturbed that one of the bowls was filled with worms. The dark lighting was a nice touch, too.

To the locksmith who showed up in an unmarked car to let me back into my house on Halloween: Thanks for being concerned about whether or not I was a robber. I was thinking the same thing about you. And after what you charged me, I'm pretty sure I was right.

To my reader in McCool Junction, Nebraska: You live in an awesomely named town, Mystery Person.

To my son's soccer coaches, who braved the formidable task of herding a bunch of kindergarteners around the field each week: Thank you. Tommy has learned so much from you. He loves the medal you gave him, and has yet to take it off.

To Tommy, who learned to ride his bike without training wheels this weekend: YAY!!!!Nice soccer medal!


  1. With a chainsaw????? Holy crap!
    And locked out on Halloween!
    Sounds like you've had an exciting weekend.
    And, YAY Tommy! Way to go!

  2. Yeah....I don't think I'd be trick or treating in your neighborhood anymore.

    Congrats to Tommy!

  3. McCool? McAwesome.

    Way to go, Tommy!

  4. I think I'm glad we just stayed home and passed out candy the old-fashioned way...there must be some weirdos in our neighborhood I haven't met yet.


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